April & Dan :: Winter Engagement Portraits at Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

With just over a week to go until this wedding, I've been saving this blog post for April & Dan just as life gets crazy with the finishing touches for their wedding in Portland, Maine. I'll be honest that one of Dan's good friends won the honors of photographing their wedding, but I got dibs on their winter engagement session with their two adorable pups, Willy & Bella. I'll take it!

I met up wit April and Dan back in February on one of the most gorgeous winter days ever. The crystal clear blue sky poured sunshine upon the snow covered grounds of Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. Although midday is normally not ideal for photography because of the lighting, the white snow acted as amazing reflector and bounced the light everywhere. Including up to these two lovebirds who first met five years ago at Sugarloaf Mountain. But, after hearing their story, I dare say that it was fate that brought them together as their fathers were friends before that faithful night.

Fast forward to our session date together at the always popular Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. The awesome thing about it in the winter is that there are far less tourists than during the summer! The less awesome? Navigating pathways that are unplowed turned... well... interesting for us all. I'm super thankful for my husband buying me tall winter boots so I was able to go off the beaten path and let the lovebirds stay where the snow was a bit firmer. We had a great time wandering around the park with Bella & Willy for a while before we put them back in the comfort of the car so we had some time pup free. What struck me most about the entire day was the way April turns gooey when she looks at Dan and how proud and happy Dan is to have April by his side. It may have taken them years for their paths to finally cross, but I dare say they are stuck together now.

April & Dan, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your engagement portraits for you! I had such a great day and am so happy that YOU are happy with all of the awesome photos we got together. Best of luck with the next week leading up to the big day! I'll be thinking of you both lots as I'm off at another wedding in Massachusetts!

Here is a peek of what April & Dan have from their session with me. There are lots more to see, so hopefully, if you know them personally, they've shared the password for their event on my website with you!

Winter Engagement Portraits at Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

April & Dan :: Winter Engagement Portraits in Buxton, Maine

I love winter. I love fresh white snow, I love being able to bundle up to stay warm (as opposed to seeking AC to stay cool), and I love the light that often comes with the angle of the sun. Sign. Me. Up!

When April contacted me about her June wedding to Dan, the son of one of my former coworkers, and expressed interested in doing their engagement photos in the winter, I was obviously all over it! Choosing a location for your session, especially in the winter, can prove to be difficult. I love it when the location itself has special meaning to the couple so that the photos are more reflective of them. For April & Dan, it doesn't get much more meaningful than their home that they bought together last summer. Dan was a trooper and came waltzing out with shovel in hand, prepared to SHOVEL A PATH to anywhere on their property. Seriously, ladies, you can be jealous now. How many of you who have a man that would do that without being asked? I dare say he was raised right!

We tromped out to the middle of a clearing and April made the first move that told me their wedding was one to look forward to. Within 5 minutes of starting, she had pushed him in to the snow, totally not worried about the cold or snow that was going to cover them both. I could not stop laughing! Dan got her back later though, so they were even in the end.

Winter Engagement Session in Buxton, Maine

Dan & April told me of their lengthy history together that started way back in high school where they first met. They told me of their first kiss on New Year's Eve heading in to 2012. April gushed over the amazing ring that Dan proposed to her with. (Seriously, it's amazing! I can't wait to take lots of photos of it on the wedding day!) With Dan working out of state for a month at a time, we talked about the challenges that come with that distance and the planning the April has been doing to create their dream wedding this summer. Needless to say, it was a great time hanging out together even with the snow up past my knees. At least it was warmer than it was on New Year's Eve for my last wedding! And, at the end of the session, they sent me on my way with a dozen eggs from their eighteen chickens. How awesome is that?!?

Winter Engagement Session in Buxton, Maine

Alan and I are super excited for their wedding this summer and know that we'll have lots of laughs with April & Dan that day. This is just a sneak peek of the large number of photos that these love birds have coming their way. You can also check them out over on my Facebook page to see them in a larger format! Thank you, April & Dan, for choosing me. I can't wait for the big day!

Meaghan & Chris :: Engagement Portraits in Sebago and Naples, Maine

When one of your husband's best friends, who you see as the wild and never settle down type, meets the love of his life and decides to make his house a home with her you can't help but have your heart melt. And it gets even better when you spend time with the woman who stole his heart and it feels like you've been friends with her forever. That is pretty much the story behind Meaghan and Chris. I am SO excited that Chris found such an amazing woman to build a life with and that we get along so well. Now, when my husband is being a grease monkey in the garage working on projects with Chris, Meaghan and I are inside laughing our butts off and having girl talk time. Come time for their engagement portraits, we got together at their home in Sebago to snuggle up with Chris' beloved truck he is working on restoring and Meaghan's furry baby, Jack. The freezing temperatures, albeit before the snow flew, gave us a run for our money and we were making frequent trips inside for coffee to warm up. After the pup and truck had been thoroughly photographed, we moved down to the Causeway in Naples for portraits along the lake. The wind ripping off the lake make it even colder, but their love and Meaghan's smiles kept us all warm. And I dare say that it was worth it for the shots we got!

I am so excited for their wedding next month in New Hampshire! It's going to be such an awesome weekend filled with lots and lots of love (and snow, I hope). Congratulations, Meaghan & Chris! I am so honored to be a part of your festivities!


Heather & Tom :: Engagement Session in Biddeford Pool, Maine

I first met Heather & Tom at Patrice & Aaron's wedding in May of 2011 when Heather was her sister's maid of honor. I always get excited when I meet friends and family of a couple on their wedding day who are in serious relationships. Could this be the one? Seeing new love blossom gets me giddy! It makes me even more excited when I see when the couple takes the next step (what did we ever do without Facebook?) and gets engaged. That dream scenario happened for me with Heather & Tom. And it only gets better when the newly engaged contacts me for their wedding AND I'm available. I absolutely LOVE working with couples who know my other clients. It turns weddings in to a reunion of sorts for me and makes the day even more special for me. When Heather & Tom contacted me for their wedding and told me where their reception is going to be held.... jaw meet floor. I'm so stoked for their wedding next summer! I am not even going to tell you where the party is happening because it is so awesome that I want your jaw to hit the floor when you see the photos. In the meantime, we got together for their engagement photos this past weekend. When I was helping them decide on a location, they told me they'd love the coast of Maine. So I Google Mapped my way along the coast until I found the East Point Sanctuary in Biddeford Pool. It looked awesomely perfect for a chilly November day on the coast, so we called it a date. I had such a blast getting to know these two and seeing their relationship in action. Both are insanely smart with numbers, their heights are perfectly matched for proper snuggling, and Tom makes Heather laugh. A lot. Ok, he makes me laugh, too. I am so blessed to have such awesome clients!

As you all anxiously await their wedding day like I am, here is a sneak peek from their engagement session to tide you over. You can check them out (and hit like) over on my Facebook page, too.

Heather & Tom, I am so excited for the big day! Thank you for choosing me!


Alicia & Jeff :: Engagement Portraits in Naples, Maine

I first met Alicia at Jess & Aaron's October 2012 wedding. When I saw that Jeff had popped the question this past April (thank you, Facebook!), I immediately got all excited and giggly hoping that they'd contact me. Needless to say, I was so stoked when they did! This fall we set a date to get together for their engagement session. I love it when couples chose a location that has special meaning to them and, for Alicia & Jeff, the newly redone Causeway in Naples, Maine, is just such a place. Having not walked around the area since the construction was finished, I was looking forward to having the excuse to check it out. It's gorgeous! I had a great time getting to know the lovebirds as we explored the area together. Upon meeting Jeff, you would think he was a big tough guy with a gruff exterior. And yet he turns to mush as soon as he looks at Alicia. I caught him looking at her while she was telling me about their story and you could just see his eyes twinkling. Point out that I caught him in the act and he blushes. It makes me want to say "I think you love her" in that sing songy way that kids say to each other when they are young. Add Alicia's bright, bubbly, cheery personality and you just know they are well matched for each other. I am SO excited for their 2014 wedding!

Here is their sneak peek from our time together. You can always see them (and like) my Facebook page as well. :)

Trish & Rob :: Engagement Portraits at Fore River Sanctuary in Portland, Maine

Trish & Rob come from a long line of awesome couples to come my way from one of my dearest friends, Jess, who happens to be Rob's sister. Meeting them for the first time (since we last met years ago at another wedding) when we got together for their engagement session was like meeting up with old friends. When deciding where we would meet up, I immediately thought of the puppy friendly Portland Trails since it gave us a wide variety of woodland areas to shoot in right within city limits. The Fore River Sanctuary is one of my favorite spots in the trail network since there are boardwalks, wooded paths, marshlands, and even a waterfall at the far end of the sanctuary from where we started. For Rocky, their adorable, big lab, he LOVED me for picking Portland Trails since the tide was out and the mud flats were just way too inviting to not jump right in to as soon as he saw them. You're welcome, Rocky! As for Trish & Rob, he has this tough exterior that seems hard to crack open. But, get him around Trish, and the smiles come out. He. Loves. Her. A lot. That's what Trish seems to do to Rob. She opens him up. The two of them together seem so well matched with each bringing out the strengths of the others. Needless to say, I can't wait for their summer 2014 wedding to see their planning come to life!

Here is a sneak peek from our time together. You can also check them out over on my Facebook page. Be sure to hit like while you're there!

Trish & Rob, I had a great time with you two! I'm sure our paths will cross many time before the big day. I'm so excited!

Lauren & Jon's Engagement Portraits in the Old Port of Portland, Maine

I have been anxiously awaiting Lauren & Jon's wedding since they first contacted me back in February. Suffice to say, these two are tying the knot this winter at one of my favorite venues ever. I am so stoked for it! Needless to say, waiting until the snow flies is taking forever. So we got together in the Old Port last month to take their engagement photos with their furry baby. First off, I love me some puppy time, so I was so excited to get to meet their little girl. Second... um, these guys are so awesome together! From Lauren's rock star outfit and boots to Jon's awesome smile (especially when he spoke about Lauren), these guys had it going on all session. We started off with a cup of coffee and ended with a stop at our favorite bar. YES PLEASE!

Here is the sneak peeks that I posted over on Facebook for these lovebirds. You do not want to miss it when I post the sneak peeks from their wedding this winter, so make sure you like my Facebook page to see them (and many more) as soon as I post them!

Lauren & Jon Engagement Session in Portland's Old Port in Maine

Christine & Joshua's Portland Headlight Engagement Portraits

When a couple contacts me a year and a half in advance of their wedding, it gives us plenty of time to get to know each other more and more prior to the big day. Add in the bride being a loyal Facebook page follower and it is a recipe for feeling like we are great friends. That was just how it felt when I got together with Christine & Joshua for their engagement session at Portland Headlight at Fort Williams Park. Hugs were given out immediately even though we had never met in real life. I'm a hugger. They were huggers. We were one big happy bunch. Together we wandered around the park: Joshua snuggling Christine as close as he could, Christine glowing and basking in Joshua's love, and me making my little happy noises I've become known to make during my shoots when I'm super stoked about what I'm capturing. And, given that I had a really hard time chose what to put in to this set of sneak peek photos, I was one happy camper.

I cannot wait for Christine & Joshua's wedding next September! I'll warn everyone now that I just might tear up watching their two say their vows because I love watching my friends get married!

Engagement Session at Fort Williams Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Samantha & Ryan's Engagement Portraits at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Oh. My. Goodness. Now, I must preface this post by saying that I am truly blessed to work with so many awesome people who pick ME to capture such awesome milestones in their life together. These two? Just wow. Talk about two of the most genuine, caring people you will ever meet. And did I mention funny? Because I had an absolute blast exploring Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, for their engagement session. They told me they'd love to have photos with Maine's rocky, not beachy, coast in them but would love some variety to go with it. And I knew Two Lights would be perfect for them. From their cheesy thinking moments in the woods to their seaside cuddle time, I just could not stop making my little happy noises with each click of my camera. It really was so hard to chose only a few to share here from their session because they just rocked it so much. I cannot wait for their July 2014 wedding to come just so I can see them again!

Engagement Portraits at Two Lights State Park in Care Elizabeth, Maine

Ashley & John's Oceanside Engagement Portraits in Portland, Maine

Ashley originally contacted me for her 2014 wedding well over a year in advance. She's a smart one! The more and more I learned about her and Jon, the more and more I knew I had to get picked to photograph their big day. Obviously, I won! I am so over the moon excited for their big day next August. In preparation for the big day, we got together at their ceremony location to chat about their plans before we took their engagement photos. I love it when the location of the session is so meaningful to a couple! We had a blast wandering around the expansive property; gardens, rocky shores, ocean views, sandy beach, gorgeous woods... it was seriously awesome. And Ashley and Jon are just so darn cute together! You can tell that they are each other's best friend just by the look on their face when they look at the other. That. Is. Love.

Speaking of love, here are shots that we captured during our time together. There were certainly a ton to chose from, but these are definitely some of my favorites.

Oceanside Engagement Portraits in Portland, Maine

Brenna & Rob :: Engagement Session on Eastern Prom in Portland, Maine

I first met Brenna (and her mom and girlfriends) last month as she was on a whirlwind trip to Maine to work on the plans for her October nuptials to Rob. Just chatting with them about her vision for their wedding was inspiring. The location, the details, the dress... it was love at first "sight" for me. I was giddy about the day in no time. Needless to say, I was literally jumping for joy when she and Rob decided to book me for their big day. I CAN'T WAIT!

Before that day comes, we got together this past weekend to capture their engagement portraits. While planning the details, Brenna and I decided that the Eastern Prom in Portland, Maine, would serve as the perfect location. She also sent me her Pinterest board to inspire me with the shots she had gathered from around the web. We were all praying for light, fluffy snow and overcast skies to make for the perfect winter portraits. I was stalking the weather the week leading up to our session. It kept flipping around between sunny and snowy. The night before, I asked Siri on my iPad if it was going to snow the next day and she said it was. I took her at her word and she was right! It was the most picturesque snow I've ever seen. Huge, fluffy flakes and temperatures not so cold to make our noses drip but not so warm that the layers made us overheat. PERFECT, I TELL YOU! Before heading outside, we huge out in Brenna's mom's gorgeous apartment with amazingly huge windows letting in tons of natural light. I absolutely love old buildings like hers! It was, well, perfect!

Before I gush about their portraits for the rest of the night, I will just let this sneak peek, which I also posted over on Facebook, speak for itself. We had an awesome time together; their dog, Goose, got tons of exercise racing all around; and Brenna's mom was an epic sidekick/assistant/dog wrangler. In the end, the session was nothing short of amazing. Which means that their fall wedding will definitely be so inspiring that you'll want to come back and check it out. Enjoy!


Sarah & Nick :: Engagement Portraits in the Old Port in Portland, Maine

Sarah first contacted me way back in November to see if I could fit in a wintery engagement session with her and her hubby to be, Nick, in January. Given how much I love winter and how quickly we hit it off through our emails back and forth, it was a given that I was going to make it happen no matter what. Sarah and Nick met in Chicago while they were in college. After a brief dating stint, they called it quits as they both moved around the country in pursuit of all things professional while still maintaining their friendship with each other. Obviously, there was something more to their friendship and, once they both realized it, they knew it was meant to be (despite of their cut-throat love for DIFFERENT sports teams. Talk about some fun times watching the games on TV!).

We decided to get together for their engagement session in the Old Port of Portland, Maine, where Sarah has come to call home thanks to her latest professional move. Mother nature almost kept Nick from joining us, but, fortunately, everything worked out and his flight made it in to Portland just in time. Knowing that these two were sports enthusiasts, I couldn't help but suggest that we start our time together at Rivalries to chat a bit before I whipped out the camera. Funny story: I wound up grabbing a bite to eat before our session. I was just wrapping up my meal when I noticed Sarah & Nick walk in to the restaurant (thanks to Facebook stalking, I knew it was them). Not wanting to rush them knowing that it was still before our scheduled "meet up" time, I waited a bit before texting Sarah and slyly asking her if they were there already and, if so, "I'm sitting right behind you." Needless to say, it resulted in many laughs between us and definitely set the mood for the rest of our time together. And that is how our it all went. We were laughing non-stop. Even when they look serious, they were laughing deep down in side. The two of them are seriously such a perfect match. Making it work while living in two different cities in never easy, but I know that they have a very bright future together as they tie the knot later this year out west.

Sarah and Nick, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this time in your life together. I hope that your paths bring you together in the same city soon!

Here is a sneak peek of what we captured during their session in the Old Port.


Catherine & Will :: Engagement Session in North Yarmouth, Maine

Catherine & Will first contacted me this past spring while I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bri. Anxious to lock me in before her arrival, they booked me just a few days later for their May 2013 wedding (yup, over a year away at the time)! Their enthusiasm was contagious and, when combined with their gorgeous wedding venue, I was/am so excited for the big day! But, before then, we got together for their engagement session at a private horse stables in North Yarmouth, Maine, where Catherine works. For those of you who know me, you know that I'm always up for anything and have done shoots in hurricanes (like Kristine & Trevor's back in 2009) in addition to rain, snow, and any number of other weird weather conditions. But I know that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for non-"bright and sunny" days. Knowing that, I talked to Catherine leading up to our shoot as it became clear that the weather might not be the most ideal. However, they were game and so was I! So I gathered my umbrellas and pulled on my fancy rain boots and made my way to North Yarmouth. In the end, I didn't need any of the umbrellas, which was fine with me. The foggy, misty weather was even better! We wandered around the property chatting about how they met, how Will proposed, and what they have in mind for their wedding. I fell in love with everything about the day. Catherine. Will. Their furry son. Catherine's horse, Hollywood. And the gorgeous, misty weather. I dare say that some of my all time favorite engagement pictures were taken of these two. Love. Love. Love!

Be on the lookout for all of the photos to be ready shortly. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek from their session. To see more, be sure to head over to my Facebook page and hit the “Like” button!

 Date: October 20, 2012  |  Location: Private Stables in North Yarmouth, Maine


Kelly & Ryan :: Engagement Photos at Nubble Light in Cape Neddick, Maine

Kelly & Ryan were one of the very first couples to book me for their wedding next year when they contacted me back in March for their September 2013 nuptials in Massachusetts. Kelly's enthusiasm for their big day, and for me shooting it, was downright infectious. Along the way, we made plans to get together in this fall, almost one year before the wedding, to get to know each other and to capture their engagement photos. And then leads us to this sneak peek! We met up at the Nubble Light in Cape Neddick, Maine, on a blustery Sunday morning. Now, I'll be honest, I had never been to the lighthouse despite living in Maine. Now I'm wondering why the heck not! It's such a picturesque spot! I had a great time exploring the park with the two lovebirds and hearing more about their story together. I learned that I'm jealous of their awesome apartment, that I'm glad I don't work for a golf course, that Kelly is going to be one awesome nurse (along with Keriann, another one of my 2013 brides and one of Kelly's classmates), and that these two are just super cute together. I am so excited for their big day and to get to know them better over the next year. The countdown is on!

All of Kelly & Ryan's photos are posted in their gallery, but you’ll need the password from the lovebirds in order to see them and order printed goodies. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek from their engagement session. To see more, be sure to head over to my Facebook page and hit the “Like” button!

Date: September 23, 2012  |  Location: Nubble Light in Cape Neddick, Maine