Limington Rapids

The "P" Family Annual Portraits at Limington Rapids in Limington, Maine

The "P" Family Annual Portraits at Limington Rapids in Limington, Maine

Oh be still my heart. Every fall for six years or so I've been getting together with Jess & Tim for their annual family photos. It started back when they were waiting for their daughter's arrival when we took their maternity portraits out of Peaks Island while waiting to attend a wedding. Since then we've met up at their home, the Old Port, a Christmas Tree farm, Kettle Cove... it's hard to believe how much the kids have grown over the years. (And I foresee a blog post in my future recapping my growth with photography over that time, too.)

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Mariah :: Senior Photos at Limington Rapids in Limington, Maine

I should preface this post right off the bat by saying that I don't normally do senior photos because I am a yearbook adviser in my day job and I typically avoid the "conflict of interest" that could arise. However, when the daughter of a good friend becomes a senior, there was no way that I could say no to her (or her mom).

I met up with Mariah on a weekday afternoon at the nearby Limington Rapids in Limington, Maine, to capture her senior photos for her. The Rapids are a fun rest area along side the Saco River that I often visit with my own family. And I knew it would be the perfect location for this outdoor loving, barefooted senior to capture this special time in her life. We chatted about everything from how her relationships with her brothers have changed as they have grown up to where she hopes to go to school next year and even about my mad skills at balancing on fallen trees. We had a great time hanging out together! And, even better, we captured Mariah's free spirit nature as she is on the precipice of heading out in to the real world. They certainly do grow up too fast.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Mariah, and thanks so much for hanging out with me!

All of Mariah's photos are posted in their gallery, but you’ll need the password from her in order to see them and order printed goodies. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek from her senior portrait session. To see more, be sure to head over to my Facebook page and hit the “Like” button!

Senior Portraits at Limington Rapids in Limington, Maine

Meghan & Shane :: Engagement Session in Limington, Maine

Meghan and Shane are tying the knot next August in a very Maine wedding (you'll have to stay tuned to hear all about it!), but we got together this fall nearby where we both live to capture some memories of this special time in their life together. The temperature was a bit nippy out, but their love for each other, for the most part, kept them warm. As we were getting to know each other more, we discovered that Meghan and I (and my husband) all went through (basically) the same degree program for our undergraduate and even have some of the same friends/classmates. It was a very small world conversation! And, much like my husband and I, Meghan and Shane owe their relationship to the University of Southern Maine. Tough guy Shane and all smiles Meghan and a ton of fun together and definitely compliment each other very, very well. We kept each other giggling all day. And their sense of adventure definitely matched mine. "Hey, this spot would be awesome! Would you mind coming..." and suddenly they were right there. I love a trusting couple!

Meghan and Shane, I had a blast hanging out with you two. I can't wait for the big day!

Engagement Session in Limington Maine

Kate & Nick :: Engagement Session at Brackett's Orchard in Limington, Maine

Kate and Nick may not be tying the knot until October of next year, but that didn't stop us from getting together for some fun! For Kate, she's all about planning early and thinking ahead. Smart girl!

Nick is suave and relaxed. Kate is high energy and nothing but smiles. Together, they make for one killer combination! We first met up at Brackett's Orchard in Limington, Maine. It's a super cute little orchard with lots of places to snuggle up and get comfortable in front of the camera. Add an antique truck in to the mix and I knew Nick would be good to go! For a fall day, it was surprisingly warm and left us all wishing for cooler temperatures (we certainly wouldn't be wishing the same now!) so we went off to the nearby Limington Rapids river front park. Once cooled down sufficiently (thank you, river air) we met at their home to capture some photos with their adorable "beast" who is likely the most solid pup I've ever met. Pure muscle! But nothing but a love bug. It was the perfect way to wrap up our time together. I can't wait until the big day gets here!

Engagement Session at Brackett's Orchard in Limington, Maine
Engagement Session at Brackett's Orchard in Limington, Maine