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April & Dan :: Winter Engagement Portraits in Buxton, Maine

I love winter. I love fresh white snow, I love being able to bundle up to stay warm (as opposed to seeking AC to stay cool), and I love the light that often comes with the angle of the sun. Sign. Me. Up!

When April contacted me about her June wedding to Dan, the son of one of my former coworkers, and expressed interested in doing their engagement photos in the winter, I was obviously all over it! Choosing a location for your session, especially in the winter, can prove to be difficult. I love it when the location itself has special meaning to the couple so that the photos are more reflective of them. For April & Dan, it doesn't get much more meaningful than their home that they bought together last summer. Dan was a trooper and came waltzing out with shovel in hand, prepared to SHOVEL A PATH to anywhere on their property. Seriously, ladies, you can be jealous now. How many of you who have a man that would do that without being asked? I dare say he was raised right!

We tromped out to the middle of a clearing and April made the first move that told me their wedding was one to look forward to. Within 5 minutes of starting, she had pushed him in to the snow, totally not worried about the cold or snow that was going to cover them both. I could not stop laughing! Dan got her back later though, so they were even in the end.

Winter Engagement Session in Buxton, Maine

Dan & April told me of their lengthy history together that started way back in high school where they first met. They told me of their first kiss on New Year's Eve heading in to 2012. April gushed over the amazing ring that Dan proposed to her with. (Seriously, it's amazing! I can't wait to take lots of photos of it on the wedding day!) With Dan working out of state for a month at a time, we talked about the challenges that come with that distance and the planning the April has been doing to create their dream wedding this summer. Needless to say, it was a great time hanging out together even with the snow up past my knees. At least it was warmer than it was on New Year's Eve for my last wedding! And, at the end of the session, they sent me on my way with a dozen eggs from their eighteen chickens. How awesome is that?!?

Winter Engagement Session in Buxton, Maine

Alan and I are super excited for their wedding this summer and know that we'll have lots of laughs with April & Dan that day. This is just a sneak peek of the large number of photos that these love birds have coming their way. You can also check them out over on my Facebook page to see them in a larger format! Thank you, April & Dan, for choosing me. I can't wait for the big day!

Kim & Philip :: Engagement Photos at Willard Beach in South Portland, Maine

Kim & Philip... where do I even start? I first started chatting with these two (ok, so it was really just Kim) back in June for their May 2013 wedding in Cape Elizabeth. What struck me first was their amazing sense of humor and the way they both just glow when looking at or talking about each other. Love... that's what love looks like.

To capture just that, we got together at Willard Beach in South Portland last weekend to capture their engagement photos. For Kim & Philip, Willard Beach is where it all started. They actually met there in person for the first time after exchanging emails and phone calls back and forth for some time. It was amazing to be able to capture them together in such an important place to them. Somewhere that I know will always hold a special place in their heart. We spent the late afternoon smiling at Philip being goofy, at Kim saying that they should get married ("You know... maybe sometime in mid-May"), and then laughing so hard as they each egged the other on to be even more cute than they already are together. Combine that with the picture perfect weather and I think they'd like to copy it all and have it just like that on the big day. And, somehow, I know it will be perfect and filled with smiles and laughter. I can't wait!

Kim & Philip, thank you so much for choosing me to capture this special time in your life together! I have had a blast getting to know you both and I can't wait for May! xoxo

All of Kim & Philip's photos are posted in their gallery, but you’ll need the password from the lovebirds in order to see them and order printed goodies. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek from their engagement session. To see more, be sure to head over to my Facebook page and hit the “Like” button!