Sarah & Nick :: Engagement Portraits in the Old Port in Portland, Maine

Sarah first contacted me way back in November to see if I could fit in a wintery engagement session with her and her hubby to be, Nick, in January. Given how much I love winter and how quickly we hit it off through our emails back and forth, it was a given that I was going to make it happen no matter what. Sarah and Nick met in Chicago while they were in college. After a brief dating stint, they called it quits as they both moved around the country in pursuit of all things professional while still maintaining their friendship with each other. Obviously, there was something more to their friendship and, once they both realized it, they knew it was meant to be (despite of their cut-throat love for DIFFERENT sports teams. Talk about some fun times watching the games on TV!).

We decided to get together for their engagement session in the Old Port of Portland, Maine, where Sarah has come to call home thanks to her latest professional move. Mother nature almost kept Nick from joining us, but, fortunately, everything worked out and his flight made it in to Portland just in time. Knowing that these two were sports enthusiasts, I couldn't help but suggest that we start our time together at Rivalries to chat a bit before I whipped out the camera. Funny story: I wound up grabbing a bite to eat before our session. I was just wrapping up my meal when I noticed Sarah & Nick walk in to the restaurant (thanks to Facebook stalking, I knew it was them). Not wanting to rush them knowing that it was still before our scheduled "meet up" time, I waited a bit before texting Sarah and slyly asking her if they were there already and, if so, "I'm sitting right behind you." Needless to say, it resulted in many laughs between us and definitely set the mood for the rest of our time together. And that is how our it all went. We were laughing non-stop. Even when they look serious, they were laughing deep down in side. The two of them are seriously such a perfect match. Making it work while living in two different cities in never easy, but I know that they have a very bright future together as they tie the knot later this year out west.

Sarah and Nick, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this time in your life together. I hope that your paths bring you together in the same city soon!

Here is a sneak peek of what we captured during their session in the Old Port.