Ashley & John's Oceanside Engagement Portraits in Portland, Maine

Ashley originally contacted me for her 2014 wedding well over a year in advance. She's a smart one! The more and more I learned about her and Jon, the more and more I knew I had to get picked to photograph their big day. Obviously, I won! I am so over the moon excited for their big day next August. In preparation for the big day, we got together at their ceremony location to chat about their plans before we took their engagement photos. I love it when the location of the session is so meaningful to a couple! We had a blast wandering around the expansive property; gardens, rocky shores, ocean views, sandy beach, gorgeous woods... it was seriously awesome. And Ashley and Jon are just so darn cute together! You can tell that they are each other's best friend just by the look on their face when they look at the other. That. Is. Love.

Speaking of love, here are shots that we captured during our time together. There were certainly a ton to chose from, but these are definitely some of my favorites.

Oceanside Engagement Portraits in Portland, Maine