Carly Lou at One!

This session. Oh, my heart!

My relationship with Trish & Rob goes back several years at this point when I first photographed them for their engagement session. Then their wedding at the Spurwink Church and Mariner's Banquet Center in Portland. And then they had Carly and called for me to visit them for her newborn portraits. And then a year flew by and it was time for her first birthday session. I know it's cliché, but really... where did the year go?

Seeing the family again for another session means more to me than I could ever put into words. Watching Carly walk around, smile, look deeply at the clouds and trees around her, her whispy hair being blown around.... she is becoming such an incredible little human! I also see nuances of her dad and his family in some of her spunky moments. Her mom is in there too with her sparkly eyes and big smile.

And this post would not be complete without mentioning my love for the big ol' cocoa puff with legs... Rocky. As soon as I saw him, he got so excited and started dragging Rob along to see me. Much like Rob & Trish, Rocky and I have been buds since their engagement session and seeing him again for each session makes me smile a bit more. And it makes him jump a bit more, too. I am such a sucker for dogs!

Carly, Trish, Rob... and Rocky... thank you so much for having me capture this milestone for your family! Carly is so amazing and very lucky to be a part of such and incredible family. Love you guys!

This seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bowser & Bruin. Oh, boys.

When my couples ask me if they can bring along their furry babies to their shoots, I always say yes. I love me some furry snuggles! For Cairsten & Jimmy, my response was no different. After building a relationship with them ever since Kelly & Ryan's wedding, I could not wait to meet their two pups, Bowser & Bruin.

We opted for Bug Light in South Portland for the views of the Portland's Old Port, the harbor, the lighthouse... the list is endless. It is a great area with lots of variety AND it's pup friendly!

Bowser & Bruin did not disappoint. They were super excited about everything. Wanted to meet everyone. Photos, what photos? We're here to PLAY! Meandering around the park with Mutt & Jeff in tow was an experiment in hilarity. When they weren't in the photo, we had them tied to a bench or I was holding their leashes to give Cairsten & Jimmy a break from the chaos. I'm sure they were both thinking "This seemed like a good idea at the time."

Yet, when it gets down to it, even with the chaos... the furry friends in our lives are an integral part of our lives. Yes, they bring chaos. But they also bring lots of kisses, laughs, and uninhibited love. And, as part of your family, it is worth the chaos for shots like this one.

I am still brought to laughs every time I see Cairsten & Jimmy post photos of their pups on Facebook. Thank you for hanging out with me boys and letting me tell your parent's love story. You are lucky boys to have such awesome people to call your own.


Cairsten & James' Bug Light Engagement Session in South Portland, Maine

Here it is. The night before Cairsten & James tie the knot and get hitched! I instinctively thought back to their engagement session at Bug Light in South Portland, Maine, just shy of a year ago. I'll be honest. We started off with some good laughs just finding each other despite having met before! (Bug Light, just so you know, is not the one by the Southern Maine Community College Campus.) Then I finally got to meet their two exuberant dogs and, well, there was more laughter. Wrangling those two is certainly a workout!

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Meaghan & Chris :: Engagement Portraits in Sebago and Naples, Maine

When one of your husband's best friends, who you see as the wild and never settle down type, meets the love of his life and decides to make his house a home with her you can't help but have your heart melt. And it gets even better when you spend time with the woman who stole his heart and it feels like you've been friends with her forever. That is pretty much the story behind Meaghan and Chris. I am SO excited that Chris found such an amazing woman to build a life with and that we get along so well. Now, when my husband is being a grease monkey in the garage working on projects with Chris, Meaghan and I are inside laughing our butts off and having girl talk time. Come time for their engagement portraits, we got together at their home in Sebago to snuggle up with Chris' beloved truck he is working on restoring and Meaghan's furry baby, Jack. The freezing temperatures, albeit before the snow flew, gave us a run for our money and we were making frequent trips inside for coffee to warm up. After the pup and truck had been thoroughly photographed, we moved down to the Causeway in Naples for portraits along the lake. The wind ripping off the lake make it even colder, but their love and Meaghan's smiles kept us all warm. And I dare say that it was worth it for the shots we got!

I am so excited for their wedding next month in New Hampshire! It's going to be such an awesome weekend filled with lots and lots of love (and snow, I hope). Congratulations, Meaghan & Chris! I am so honored to be a part of your festivities!


Lauren & Jon's Engagement Portraits in the Old Port of Portland, Maine

I have been anxiously awaiting Lauren & Jon's wedding since they first contacted me back in February. Suffice to say, these two are tying the knot this winter at one of my favorite venues ever. I am so stoked for it! Needless to say, waiting until the snow flies is taking forever. So we got together in the Old Port last month to take their engagement photos with their furry baby. First off, I love me some puppy time, so I was so excited to get to meet their little girl. Second... um, these guys are so awesome together! From Lauren's rock star outfit and boots to Jon's awesome smile (especially when he spoke about Lauren), these guys had it going on all session. We started off with a cup of coffee and ended with a stop at our favorite bar. YES PLEASE!

Here is the sneak peeks that I posted over on Facebook for these lovebirds. You do not want to miss it when I post the sneak peeks from their wedding this winter, so make sure you like my Facebook page to see them (and many more) as soon as I post them!

Lauren & Jon Engagement Session in Portland's Old Port in Maine

Catherine & Will :: Engagement Session in North Yarmouth, Maine

Catherine & Will first contacted me this past spring while I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bri. Anxious to lock me in before her arrival, they booked me just a few days later for their May 2013 wedding (yup, over a year away at the time)! Their enthusiasm was contagious and, when combined with their gorgeous wedding venue, I was/am so excited for the big day! But, before then, we got together for their engagement session at a private horse stables in North Yarmouth, Maine, where Catherine works. For those of you who know me, you know that I'm always up for anything and have done shoots in hurricanes (like Kristine & Trevor's back in 2009) in addition to rain, snow, and any number of other weird weather conditions. But I know that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for non-"bright and sunny" days. Knowing that, I talked to Catherine leading up to our shoot as it became clear that the weather might not be the most ideal. However, they were game and so was I! So I gathered my umbrellas and pulled on my fancy rain boots and made my way to North Yarmouth. In the end, I didn't need any of the umbrellas, which was fine with me. The foggy, misty weather was even better! We wandered around the property chatting about how they met, how Will proposed, and what they have in mind for their wedding. I fell in love with everything about the day. Catherine. Will. Their furry son. Catherine's horse, Hollywood. And the gorgeous, misty weather. I dare say that some of my all time favorite engagement pictures were taken of these two. Love. Love. Love!

Be on the lookout for all of the photos to be ready shortly. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek from their session. To see more, be sure to head over to my Facebook page and hit the “Like” button!

 Date: October 20, 2012  |  Location: Private Stables in North Yarmouth, Maine


Kate & Nick :: Engagement Session at Brackett's Orchard in Limington, Maine

Kate and Nick may not be tying the knot until October of next year, but that didn't stop us from getting together for some fun! For Kate, she's all about planning early and thinking ahead. Smart girl!

Nick is suave and relaxed. Kate is high energy and nothing but smiles. Together, they make for one killer combination! We first met up at Brackett's Orchard in Limington, Maine. It's a super cute little orchard with lots of places to snuggle up and get comfortable in front of the camera. Add an antique truck in to the mix and I knew Nick would be good to go! For a fall day, it was surprisingly warm and left us all wishing for cooler temperatures (we certainly wouldn't be wishing the same now!) so we went off to the nearby Limington Rapids river front park. Once cooled down sufficiently (thank you, river air) we met at their home to capture some photos with their adorable "beast" who is likely the most solid pup I've ever met. Pure muscle! But nothing but a love bug. It was the perfect way to wrap up our time together. I can't wait until the big day gets here!

Engagement Session at Brackett's Orchard in Limington, Maine
Engagement Session at Brackett's Orchard in Limington, Maine

Sarah & Joe :: Wedding at The Bethel Inn Resort in Bethel, Maine

Every so often, I run in to instances of "small world syndrome" when I find an obscure connection with someone. And then there are weddings, like Sarah and Joe's, when the connections just begin to be too numerous to count. Suffice to say that, between my husband and I, were knew the bride, bridesmaids, minister, and hairdresser. In fact, I'm sure I'm missing someone. It was like a big ol' reunion for me! But I'll save that for a blog post this winter.

Sarah and Joe are two genuine, down to earth people who were married with their family and friends surrounding them with love. The weather on the day of was overcast with a high chance of rain and thunderstorms. Eyes were looking out windows every chance they got. But mother nature had other plans for Sarah and Joe's day. The storms passed to the north and just barely missed us. Their entire day went off without a hitch. From the girls' gerbera daisy bouquets to the guys' unique boutonnieres to their first dance as husband and wife to the Irish dance tunes all the way to line dancing during the reception, I don't think they could have asked for a better way to start the next chapter of their life together. Even with the amazing lightning and rain storm that capped off their day at the end of the reception.

Sarah and Joe, thank you for letting me have the honor of capturing your day! I'm looking forward to hearing what happens next.

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Jennifer & Jared :: Engagement Session at Wolfe's Neck Farm, Freeport, Maine

Jennifer and Jared are set to tie the knot in 2012. While the planning is well under way, we got together at Wolfe's Neck Farm for an engagement session with their pup. These two teachers are a hilarious bunch and their ball-loving pooch has enough energy to run them ragged. I had such a blast with them that I can't imagine how awesome their wedding day will be. Congratulations, Jennifer and Jared!