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Rainy? What rain? No rain for Samantha & Dalton!

Rainy? What rain? No rain for Samantha & Dalton!

No rain. No snow. No Wessie sightings.

That pretty much sums up Samantha & Dalton's engagement portraits last week at Riverbank Park in Westbrook, Maine. When they first booked me at the beginning of the month, they had their fingers crossed for fresh snow for their engagement portraits. Flash forward to last week. We had been clobbered by a few rounds of snow storms. And then Mother Nature pulled a 180 and proceeded to melt a great deal of it with a heat wave. Yet the snow in Westbrook held on for us and gave them a (relatively) clean blanket of snow.

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Two is about to become three: Michelle & Jory's Winter Maternity Portraits at Pineland Farms.

Two is about to become three: Michelle & Jory's Winter Maternity Portraits at Pineland Farms.

It is impossible for me to believe that it has been a year and a half since Jory & Michelle were married. That means it's been two and a half years since I first met Michelle over a cup of coffee (after we determined we were at different Dunkin' Donuts) to talk about their wedding plans. My how time flies! Needless to say, I was more than a little excited when they announced the impending arrival of their little one AND that they wanted to get together for maternity portraits.

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April & Dan :: Winter Maternity Portraits in Buxton, Maine

In the last eighteen months, I have been very fortunate to see the evolution of April & Dan from engagement to wedding to getting ready to welcome their little one this summer. Getting together with them to capture such important milestones is not a client/photographer situation. We have grown to become friends over that span of time. Seeing April glowing like she was on Friday... it just warms my heart so much. And then Dan's face as he talks about being a dad? Wow. I am so very lucky to capture these moments for them.

I am preparing their full sneak peek, and getting ready to share if they are having a boy or a girl (no pressure!), but I wanted to share one of my favorite shots from their session. So stay tuned, my loves. I have much bigger surprises up my sleeves for you this evening when I make their big reveal!

April & Dan :: Winter Engagement Portraits at Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

With just over a week to go until this wedding, I've been saving this blog post for April & Dan just as life gets crazy with the finishing touches for their wedding in Portland, Maine. I'll be honest that one of Dan's good friends won the honors of photographing their wedding, but I got dibs on their winter engagement session with their two adorable pups, Willy & Bella. I'll take it!

I met up wit April and Dan back in February on one of the most gorgeous winter days ever. The crystal clear blue sky poured sunshine upon the snow covered grounds of Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. Although midday is normally not ideal for photography because of the lighting, the white snow acted as amazing reflector and bounced the light everywhere. Including up to these two lovebirds who first met five years ago at Sugarloaf Mountain. But, after hearing their story, I dare say that it was fate that brought them together as their fathers were friends before that faithful night.

Fast forward to our session date together at the always popular Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. The awesome thing about it in the winter is that there are far less tourists than during the summer! The less awesome? Navigating pathways that are unplowed turned... well... interesting for us all. I'm super thankful for my husband buying me tall winter boots so I was able to go off the beaten path and let the lovebirds stay where the snow was a bit firmer. We had a great time wandering around the park with Bella & Willy for a while before we put them back in the comfort of the car so we had some time pup free. What struck me most about the entire day was the way April turns gooey when she looks at Dan and how proud and happy Dan is to have April by his side. It may have taken them years for their paths to finally cross, but I dare say they are stuck together now.

April & Dan, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your engagement portraits for you! I had such a great day and am so happy that YOU are happy with all of the awesome photos we got together. Best of luck with the next week leading up to the big day! I'll be thinking of you both lots as I'm off at another wedding in Massachusetts!

Here is a peek of what April & Dan have from their session with me. There are lots more to see, so hopefully, if you know them personally, they've shared the password for their event on my website with you!

Winter Engagement Portraits at Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

April & Dan :: Winter Engagement Portraits in Buxton, Maine

I love winter. I love fresh white snow, I love being able to bundle up to stay warm (as opposed to seeking AC to stay cool), and I love the light that often comes with the angle of the sun. Sign. Me. Up!

When April contacted me about her June wedding to Dan, the son of one of my former coworkers, and expressed interested in doing their engagement photos in the winter, I was obviously all over it! Choosing a location for your session, especially in the winter, can prove to be difficult. I love it when the location itself has special meaning to the couple so that the photos are more reflective of them. For April & Dan, it doesn't get much more meaningful than their home that they bought together last summer. Dan was a trooper and came waltzing out with shovel in hand, prepared to SHOVEL A PATH to anywhere on their property. Seriously, ladies, you can be jealous now. How many of you who have a man that would do that without being asked? I dare say he was raised right!

We tromped out to the middle of a clearing and April made the first move that told me their wedding was one to look forward to. Within 5 minutes of starting, she had pushed him in to the snow, totally not worried about the cold or snow that was going to cover them both. I could not stop laughing! Dan got her back later though, so they were even in the end.

Winter Engagement Session in Buxton, Maine

Dan & April told me of their lengthy history together that started way back in high school where they first met. They told me of their first kiss on New Year's Eve heading in to 2012. April gushed over the amazing ring that Dan proposed to her with. (Seriously, it's amazing! I can't wait to take lots of photos of it on the wedding day!) With Dan working out of state for a month at a time, we talked about the challenges that come with that distance and the planning the April has been doing to create their dream wedding this summer. Needless to say, it was a great time hanging out together even with the snow up past my knees. At least it was warmer than it was on New Year's Eve for my last wedding! And, at the end of the session, they sent me on my way with a dozen eggs from their eighteen chickens. How awesome is that?!?

Winter Engagement Session in Buxton, Maine

Alan and I are super excited for their wedding this summer and know that we'll have lots of laughs with April & Dan that day. This is just a sneak peek of the large number of photos that these love birds have coming their way. You can also check them out over on my Facebook page to see them in a larger format! Thank you, April & Dan, for choosing me. I can't wait for the big day!

Jenessa & John :: Maternity Portraits in Windham, Maine

Jenessa & John were hitched way back on Peak's Island of the coast of Portland in 2009 during my first full season "in business". Since then, we have crossed paths at least once a summer as their friends got married and they passed my name along to them (talk about awesome people!). It has been a ton of fun for me to see their family grow with the addition of their first child a couple years ago. Now they are weeks, if not days, away from welcoming their little baby boy in to their lives. It is such an exciting time! Before his arrival, we got together at their home in Windham to capture their last portraits as a family of three and some special ones of the big sister to be. The impending storm gave us the perfect weather with overcast skies (yay no squinting or shadows!) and slowly falling snow flakes. Needless to say, we had a blast!

I can't wait to meet their newest bundle of joy when he makes his appearance. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of what we captured during their maternity session this past weekend. Be sure to check them out over on Facebook, too!


Brenna & Rob :: Engagement Session on Eastern Prom in Portland, Maine

I first met Brenna (and her mom and girlfriends) last month as she was on a whirlwind trip to Maine to work on the plans for her October nuptials to Rob. Just chatting with them about her vision for their wedding was inspiring. The location, the details, the dress... it was love at first "sight" for me. I was giddy about the day in no time. Needless to say, I was literally jumping for joy when she and Rob decided to book me for their big day. I CAN'T WAIT!

Before that day comes, we got together this past weekend to capture their engagement portraits. While planning the details, Brenna and I decided that the Eastern Prom in Portland, Maine, would serve as the perfect location. She also sent me her Pinterest board to inspire me with the shots she had gathered from around the web. We were all praying for light, fluffy snow and overcast skies to make for the perfect winter portraits. I was stalking the weather the week leading up to our session. It kept flipping around between sunny and snowy. The night before, I asked Siri on my iPad if it was going to snow the next day and she said it was. I took her at her word and she was right! It was the most picturesque snow I've ever seen. Huge, fluffy flakes and temperatures not so cold to make our noses drip but not so warm that the layers made us overheat. PERFECT, I TELL YOU! Before heading outside, we huge out in Brenna's mom's gorgeous apartment with amazingly huge windows letting in tons of natural light. I absolutely love old buildings like hers! It was, well, perfect!

Before I gush about their portraits for the rest of the night, I will just let this sneak peek, which I also posted over on Facebook, speak for itself. We had an awesome time together; their dog, Goose, got tons of exercise racing all around; and Brenna's mom was an epic sidekick/assistant/dog wrangler. In the end, the session was nothing short of amazing. Which means that their fall wedding will definitely be so inspiring that you'll want to come back and check it out. Enjoy!


Amanda & Justin :: Maternity Portraits in the Old Port in Portland, Maine

I have been photographing Amanda & Justin since their marriage was just beginning. For those of you who have been "with me" for a while or have heard my tales, they are the triple rainbow couple I often talk about when the dreaded topic of weather comes up (moral of the story is that even rain showers can be amazing, especially at the gorgeous Mountain View Grand where they tied the knot in 2010). Their trash the dress session we did later that fall was also one that I will never forget as we searched Portland, Maine, for fall foliage and wound up lying in leaves with the pup in the middle of Evergreen Cemetary (which was later featured as Real Maine Wedding's Pup of the Week). Needless to say, when they ask "Can you take pictures of..." I immediately leap up and down screaming "YES!". This time was especially touching for me as I learned that they were expecting their first (non-furry-four-legged) baby! To say I was excited is such an understatement!

We decided to capture a few portraits at their home before we moved on to the Old Port area of Portland, Maine, to capture this special time in their lives as they awaited the arrival of baby girl, Piper. The city has become their home in the past couple years and will always hold a special place in their hearts (even as they are about to take off for another city this summer). It was only appropriate to use it as the setting. Amanda is exactly what you would see if you were to look up "absolutely adorable glowing pregnant mommy to be" in the encyclopedia. She looked down right amazing! And, just as he always has been whenever he looks at her, Justin was just beaming love with every glance or mention of his wife's name. He is one proud, and very excited, daddy to be!

The weather was downright perfect for our stroll and we all enjoyed getting a bit of fresh air. Spending time with these two is like catching up with old friends for me, especially now that I have my own baby girl to chat about. We talked about everything in between snaps from my favorite (and absolutely grossest) favorite baby "tool" to just how awesome a baby makes life in general and even how my husband and I have managed to still have time for us even with our (not so little) bundle of joy. These two are why I love doing this. I love being a part of my clients lives and being there to capture their memories as they move through their lives together.

Here is a sneak peek of what I captured of Amanda & Justin during their maternity session. Baby Piper has since been welcomed in to the world and I'll be meeting her shortly. So be sure to check back later for a peek at the cutie pie!