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Praise from Emily & Coleman

Praise from Emily & Coleman

★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)

"WOW, where do I begin?!?! Susie was incredible and the best money I could have spent on our wedding. When my husband and I got engaged, I spent weeks looking for the perfect photographer. There were so many, I couldn't make a decision. Had I known then what I know now after working with Susie, it would have been a no brainer. The entire day of my wedding I was blown away by her talent, her organization, discreteness, and efficiency."

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Katie & TJ's Ocean Gateway Wedding in Portland, Maine

Katie & TJ's Ocean Gateway Wedding in Portland, Maine

This post has been waiting in the wings ever so patiently since Katie & TJ's perfect summer wedding last weekend. Truthfully, I have been looking forward to it for just about a year since I first met Katie & TJ over a brew at Some Brewing in York. A couple who travels to Maine on a week day to chat about their wedding over a beer... well, it's obvious why I've been so excited!

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Katie & TJ's Engagement Session in the Old Port of Portland, Maine

Where has the past year gone?

That is pretty much my reaction when my couples' wedding days come a year after they first contacted me. For Katie & TJ, that is certainly the case. We spent a few weeks conversing over email before finally meeting face to face last August at SoMe Brewing Co. in York, Maine. Shortly thereafter, they made my day by telling me that Alan and I were their pick for their wedding photographers. Yipee!

Fast forward to this past weekend after several rescheduled engagement session dates thanks to poor weather conditions. And, thankfully, Mother Nature kept the curve ball to herself this time and gave us awesome conditions for wandering around the Old Port in Portland, Maine, together while catching up on all of the awesome things they have planned for their wedding in the city later this month. I'd like to think that I had a hand in the weather working out since I opted to wear my big rain boots just in case of rain and wound up only needing them for my puddle hoping.

I think what stands out to me the most about Katie & TJ is simply their ability to make each other laugh and smile. A lot! Sometimes it was all I could do to keep my camera up while chuckling at their antics. Hearing about their secret plans for their wedding at the end of the month also made me even more excited for their big day (as if that was really possible in the first place).

Katie & TJ, we are so excited to see you both again in just a few short weeks! Enjoy every minute leading up to the big day. We'll see you soon!

Kristan & Greg :: Old Port Engagement Portraits in Portland, Maine

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Kristan & Greg in Portland's Old Port for their engagement session. They'll be kicking off my 2016 wedding season and were the first to book me for next year. Needless to say, these two have their A-game on! Combine that with Kristan being childhood friends with my 2012 bride, Jess, and I knew we'd hit it off and have a blast. And I was so right. With love lock in hand, we put their lock on the fence along Portland's waterfront. But, instead of tossing the key into the harbor (poor fishies!), they opted for the nearest trash bin to keep the harbor cleaner (love it!). And then I learned of how Greg took Kristan to Street & Co. for their first date, which set the bar pretty high for all future dates. When I took them down allies or had they smooching tons in an elevator, they were game with no questions asked. Then, to seal the deal, I knew we were meant to be when we crossed paths after their session was over at my all time favorite gelato spot, Gorgeous Gelato. Alan and I are so excited to photograph their wedding in Portland in 2016! It's sure to be an awesome time.

Old Port Portland Maine Engagement Portraits

Lauren & Jon's Engagement Portraits in the Old Port of Portland, Maine

I have been anxiously awaiting Lauren & Jon's wedding since they first contacted me back in February. Suffice to say, these two are tying the knot this winter at one of my favorite venues ever. I am so stoked for it! Needless to say, waiting until the snow flies is taking forever. So we got together in the Old Port last month to take their engagement photos with their furry baby. First off, I love me some puppy time, so I was so excited to get to meet their little girl. Second... um, these guys are so awesome together! From Lauren's rock star outfit and boots to Jon's awesome smile (especially when he spoke about Lauren), these guys had it going on all session. We started off with a cup of coffee and ended with a stop at our favorite bar. YES PLEASE!

Here is the sneak peeks that I posted over on Facebook for these lovebirds. You do not want to miss it when I post the sneak peeks from their wedding this winter, so make sure you like my Facebook page to see them (and many more) as soon as I post them!

Lauren & Jon Engagement Session in Portland's Old Port in Maine

Sarah & Nick :: Engagement Portraits in the Old Port in Portland, Maine

Sarah first contacted me way back in November to see if I could fit in a wintery engagement session with her and her hubby to be, Nick, in January. Given how much I love winter and how quickly we hit it off through our emails back and forth, it was a given that I was going to make it happen no matter what. Sarah and Nick met in Chicago while they were in college. After a brief dating stint, they called it quits as they both moved around the country in pursuit of all things professional while still maintaining their friendship with each other. Obviously, there was something more to their friendship and, once they both realized it, they knew it was meant to be (despite of their cut-throat love for DIFFERENT sports teams. Talk about some fun times watching the games on TV!).

We decided to get together for their engagement session in the Old Port of Portland, Maine, where Sarah has come to call home thanks to her latest professional move. Mother nature almost kept Nick from joining us, but, fortunately, everything worked out and his flight made it in to Portland just in time. Knowing that these two were sports enthusiasts, I couldn't help but suggest that we start our time together at Rivalries to chat a bit before I whipped out the camera. Funny story: I wound up grabbing a bite to eat before our session. I was just wrapping up my meal when I noticed Sarah & Nick walk in to the restaurant (thanks to Facebook stalking, I knew it was them). Not wanting to rush them knowing that it was still before our scheduled "meet up" time, I waited a bit before texting Sarah and slyly asking her if they were there already and, if so, "I'm sitting right behind you." Needless to say, it resulted in many laughs between us and definitely set the mood for the rest of our time together. And that is how our it all went. We were laughing non-stop. Even when they look serious, they were laughing deep down in side. The two of them are seriously such a perfect match. Making it work while living in two different cities in never easy, but I know that they have a very bright future together as they tie the knot later this year out west.

Sarah and Nick, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this time in your life together. I hope that your paths bring you together in the same city soon!

Here is a sneak peek of what we captured during their session in the Old Port.


Amanda & Justin :: Maternity Portraits in the Old Port in Portland, Maine

I have been photographing Amanda & Justin since their marriage was just beginning. For those of you who have been "with me" for a while or have heard my tales, they are the triple rainbow couple I often talk about when the dreaded topic of weather comes up (moral of the story is that even rain showers can be amazing, especially at the gorgeous Mountain View Grand where they tied the knot in 2010). Their trash the dress session we did later that fall was also one that I will never forget as we searched Portland, Maine, for fall foliage and wound up lying in leaves with the pup in the middle of Evergreen Cemetary (which was later featured as Real Maine Wedding's Pup of the Week). Needless to say, when they ask "Can you take pictures of..." I immediately leap up and down screaming "YES!". This time was especially touching for me as I learned that they were expecting their first (non-furry-four-legged) baby! To say I was excited is such an understatement!

We decided to capture a few portraits at their home before we moved on to the Old Port area of Portland, Maine, to capture this special time in their lives as they awaited the arrival of baby girl, Piper. The city has become their home in the past couple years and will always hold a special place in their hearts (even as they are about to take off for another city this summer). It was only appropriate to use it as the setting. Amanda is exactly what you would see if you were to look up "absolutely adorable glowing pregnant mommy to be" in the encyclopedia. She looked down right amazing! And, just as he always has been whenever he looks at her, Justin was just beaming love with every glance or mention of his wife's name. He is one proud, and very excited, daddy to be!

The weather was downright perfect for our stroll and we all enjoyed getting a bit of fresh air. Spending time with these two is like catching up with old friends for me, especially now that I have my own baby girl to chat about. We talked about everything in between snaps from my favorite (and absolutely grossest) favorite baby "tool" to just how awesome a baby makes life in general and even how my husband and I have managed to still have time for us even with our (not so little) bundle of joy. These two are why I love doing this. I love being a part of my clients lives and being there to capture their memories as they move through their lives together.

Here is a sneak peek of what I captured of Amanda & Justin during their maternity session. Baby Piper has since been welcomed in to the world and I'll be meeting her shortly. So be sure to check back later for a peek at the cutie pie!


Meghan & Shane :: Wedding & Reception at DiMillo's in the Old Port of Portland, Maine

I first met Meghan & Shane in October of last year to chat about their wedding. What struck me the most about them right from the start was how genuine they were and just how well matched they are for each other. Ok, and maybe Shane's smile did, too. We followed up our cup of coffee with a chilly engagement session in Limington, Maine that surprisingly did not result in icicles at the end of our noses. Flash forward to August 25th and the chill was replaced with the most perfect summer weather that they could have asked for.

Meghan got ready with her ladies at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland with an absolutely amazing view of the Old Port. Between the hair spray from all of the up-dos and the bubbly in the mimosas, there were more than enough laughs and smiles going around. Once the primping had concluded and Meghan was in to her stunning gown, it was game time! They held their ceremony and reception at the most quintessential Maine restaurant, DiMillo's, right on the waterfront in the Old Port. The majority of the guests were traveling in to town to celebrate with the lovebirds and they wanted to make it a true Maine destination party for them. And I dare say they got their wish! From the seashell themed centerpieces and amazingly yummy cake from The European Bakery to the stunning view of the waterfront... the entire day was very "Maine".

Congratulations, Meghan & Shane, and thank you so very much for letting me be a part of your day!

Be on the lookout for all of the photos to be ready shortly. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek from their wedding day. To see more, be sure to head over to my Facebook page and hit the “Like” button!

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Date: August 25, 2012  |  Getting Ready Location: Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland, Maine  |  Ceremony & Reception Location: DiMillo's in Portland, Maine  |  Bakery: The European Bakery in Falmouth, Maine  |  DJ Service : DJ Fahey  |  Florist: Harmon & Barton in Portland, Maine  |  Bridal Boutique: Madeline's Bridal in Portsmouth, New Hampshire