Cape Elizabeth

Carly Lou at One!

This session. Oh, my heart!

My relationship with Trish & Rob goes back several years at this point when I first photographed them for their engagement session. Then their wedding at the Spurwink Church and Mariner's Banquet Center in Portland. And then they had Carly and called for me to visit them for her newborn portraits. And then a year flew by and it was time for her first birthday session. I know it's cliché, but really... where did the year go?

Seeing the family again for another session means more to me than I could ever put into words. Watching Carly walk around, smile, look deeply at the clouds and trees around her, her whispy hair being blown around.... she is becoming such an incredible little human! I also see nuances of her dad and his family in some of her spunky moments. Her mom is in there too with her sparkly eyes and big smile.

And this post would not be complete without mentioning my love for the big ol' cocoa puff with legs... Rocky. As soon as I saw him, he got so excited and started dragging Rob along to see me. Much like Rob & Trish, Rocky and I have been buds since their engagement session and seeing him again for each session makes me smile a bit more. And it makes him jump a bit more, too. I am such a sucker for dogs!

Carly, Trish, Rob... and Rocky... thank you so much for having me capture this milestone for your family! Carly is so amazing and very lucky to be a part of such and incredible family. Love you guys!

Sarah & Sam's Two Lights State Park Engagement Portraits in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Many of my couples find me through a "matchmaker". For Sarah & Sam, their matchmaker was Kristan, but their circle of friends that I've had the fortune of working with is one of the most extensive I've ever had. I love it when that happens so serendipitously! Knowing even a few of their connections to me before we formally met, I knew that they would be awesome to work with. And boy was I right!

Yesterday we met for the first time in real life (thank you to Google Hangouts for providing our virtual meetings before now!) at one of my favorite spots in the greater Portland area. Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth is an awesome location simply because of the wide variety of scenery that you have in one spot. Sarah & Sam are both big fans of Maine's rocky coastline, which instantly made me suggest that we meet there. The sunsets from that part of Cape Elizabeth are also pretty spectacular!

As we explored the Park together, I loved learning more about the two of them and their plans for their 2016 wedding while sharing lots stories and laughs. What struck me the most during our walk was how naturally perfect for each other they are. Sam looks at Sarah and he just cannot help but beam this giant smile that you only see when they are this in love. And Sarah is such a natural beauty who perfectly fits with Sam with no prompting needed. They are just... perfect for each other. I know it seems cliche, but they really are.

We wrapped up our time together by visiting the boardwalks at the nearby Kettle Cove Beach. I love ending our sessions there as it has great views of the sun as it sets over the Maine coastline, which is harder to find from the main land than you might think. For what was potentially going to be a stormy afternoon, Mother Nature kept her act together and gave us the gift of a terrific day together. I cannot wait for their 2016 wedding!

Here is a sneak peek from the full gallery that I'm preparing for them from their session. I will admit that it was super hard to select only these six. They are naturals in front of my camera!

Sara & Jason's Two Lights State Park & Kettle Cove Engagement Portraits in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Funny. Warm hearted. Youthful. Meant to be.

Those are the first things that come to mind when I think of Sara & Jason, who will be getting hitched tomorrow

It seems like just yesterday I first met them for their engagement portraits at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth. Planning "from away", as many of my couples do, often means that our relationship before their engagement session is through video chats, phone calls, and emails. Meeting Sara & Jason for the first time was instantly natural. Seeing them together was being able to see what was meant to be. Their collective love of life, ability to find humor in everything, the way they make each other laugh... it's all just perfect. Tomorrow, when they tie the knot overlooking the ocean, they will be making that connect as official as it can be. And I can't wait to celebrate with them!

Here is a look back at their engagement portraits that we captured at the State Park and at Kettle Beach in Cape Elizabeth almost exactly one year ago. Congratulations, Sara & Jason! We can't wait to see you both tomorrow.

Mallery & Matt's Engagement Portraits at Two Lights State Park and Kettle Cove

It was a year ago today that I met Mallery & Matt at one of my favorite portrait spots in the greater Portland area: Two Lights State Park. Two Lights is awesome because it offers a wide variety of scenery all within one spot. As State Park Pass Holders, it is certainly one of our favorite ones to visit every year. It's so darn pretty! And, when you add in lovebirds like Mallery & Matt, you just can't go wrong! From Mallery's stunning eyes to the way Matt was stuck to her like a bee to honey... they were just so sweet together. We had a great time exploring the Park before going to Kettle Cove to catch the sunset on the beach. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Mallery & Matt, congratulations on your wedding this past May! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. Keep basking in the newlywed glow!

April & Dan :: Winter Engagement Portraits at Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

With just over a week to go until this wedding, I've been saving this blog post for April & Dan just as life gets crazy with the finishing touches for their wedding in Portland, Maine. I'll be honest that one of Dan's good friends won the honors of photographing their wedding, but I got dibs on their winter engagement session with their two adorable pups, Willy & Bella. I'll take it!

I met up wit April and Dan back in February on one of the most gorgeous winter days ever. The crystal clear blue sky poured sunshine upon the snow covered grounds of Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. Although midday is normally not ideal for photography because of the lighting, the white snow acted as amazing reflector and bounced the light everywhere. Including up to these two lovebirds who first met five years ago at Sugarloaf Mountain. But, after hearing their story, I dare say that it was fate that brought them together as their fathers were friends before that faithful night.

Fast forward to our session date together at the always popular Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. The awesome thing about it in the winter is that there are far less tourists than during the summer! The less awesome? Navigating pathways that are unplowed turned... well... interesting for us all. I'm super thankful for my husband buying me tall winter boots so I was able to go off the beaten path and let the lovebirds stay where the snow was a bit firmer. We had a great time wandering around the park with Bella & Willy for a while before we put them back in the comfort of the car so we had some time pup free. What struck me most about the entire day was the way April turns gooey when she looks at Dan and how proud and happy Dan is to have April by his side. It may have taken them years for their paths to finally cross, but I dare say they are stuck together now.

April & Dan, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your engagement portraits for you! I had such a great day and am so happy that YOU are happy with all of the awesome photos we got together. Best of luck with the next week leading up to the big day! I'll be thinking of you both lots as I'm off at another wedding in Massachusetts!

Here is a peek of what April & Dan have from their session with me. There are lots more to see, so hopefully, if you know them personally, they've shared the password for their event on my website with you!

Winter Engagement Portraits at Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Jess' Family :: Maternity & Family Portraits at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

I have been slacking off on my blog posts for a while now (although I have been posting sneak peeks over on Facebook). I promise I'll be posting more, especially as I approach my 5 year anniversary for Suzanne Simmons Photography. Yipee!

Before the holidays of 2012 really got in to the swing of things, I got together with Jess and her family for a very brief maternity/family portrait session around Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. It was super chilly out and the wind in the park always makes it feel like the coldest place in the greater Portland area. But, being that Abby's favorite swingset is there, we had to hit it up. I have know Jess since we were both bachelorettes planning our own weddings (longer ago than we care to remember). I took her maternity pictures with her husband, Tim, while they were anxiously awaiting Abby's arrival over three years ago. Now that baby #2 was on the way, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to capture this time as well. That special time when you still have one baby and it is just the three of you. That time before another little being comes in to the world and your routines are toss aside as you learn how this new family unit works. We had a great time shivering our butts off and racing around the park a bit with each other. I still can't get over how absolutely adorable Jess looks as she is weeks away from her baby boy's arrival.

Here is a sneak peek of what came from our time becoming popsicles. And, coming shortly to another blog post, you'll see the little bundle of joy that came in to the world a short time later. <3 


Kathryn & Nicholas :: Wedding at St. Albans and Reception at the Seasons in Portland, Maine

By the time the wedding came, Kathryn & Nick felt like old friends to me and not just clients. These two high school sweethearts found their way to me two years in advance of their wedding day thanks to Kathryn's brother, who I had in a college photography class I taught. The venue hadn't been decided on. The details were far from finalized. But they knew that I was their photographer. A year after booking me, we got together for their engagement session during an unseasonably warm fall day in 2011. We were all dressed for fall weather and mother nature had other plans. It was down right hot! The highlight of our time together that day, for me, was getting to meet their (furry) "baby", Auto, who is about the size of a house. He's a huge lovebug! Throwing a stick for him meant chucking a log. He was hilarious!

And so, when the big day arrived, I was struck by how it felt like such an end of an era to me. After all of the years of planning, the shot lists, the details... it all came down to this one day. And then it would flash by before we knew it. They always say that. I always say that to my couples.

The day started with the ladies primping in their room at the Howard Johnson in Portland, Maine. The weather was gorgeous with the sun shining brightly. The forecast had been for rain, so it was a welcomed change (not that we weren't crossing our fingers anyways). The bridesmaids' dresses reminded me of Greek goddesses with their gorgeous chocolate brown color with just a hint of sparkling gold. Kathryn's sister/matron of honor, looked especially fitted for the part with her long, curled dark hair. To say they were all stunning is such an understatement.

The ceremony itself was held at the always amazing St. Albans Episcopal Church in Cape Elizabeth. I had driven past it on several occasions, but had never had the opportunity to visit. It is such a gorgeous spot! Kathryn & Nick's family and friends filled the church as the couple started this new chapter of their life together. Nick, upon seeing his bride walking down the aisle, got teary eyed, which almost made me follow suit. This day that they had been waiting for for so long was finally here and happening. Love, love, love.

Following the ceremony, the bridal party as well as the newlywed's families scurried down to Fort Williams for portraits. From the look of the sky and the smell of the air, I knew our finger crossing wasn't going to last much longer. Mother nature had other plans. And she made them quite clear shortly after we managed to capture shots of the happy couple as well as them with their families. A made dash back to our vehicles was in order!

We concluded our portraits back in the lobby of the Howard Johnson as their guests enjoyed cocktail hour at the Seasons Event and Conference Center. Upon wrapping it up, it was time to get the party started! There were toasts by family and friends. My favorite of the night, and by far one of the most memorable ever, was given by Kathryn's sister, who gave her blessing to Nick marrying her sister knowing that he would take as good care of her as she would. There were also some choice insider jokes exchanged, which led to many, many laughs.  The remainder of the night was spent celebrating and dancing to the music played by local band Higher Ground. I dare say that Kathryn & Nick could not have asked for a better way to start the next chapter of their life together. The only downside now that the day is over is just what will encompass all of their new found time now that wedding planning is done. With Kathryn's sister being married last year and now Kathryn, I'm not quite sure what their family will do. But we're all hoping that baby shower planning time isn't too far away....

Kathryn & Nick, thank you for letting me be a part of your day and of the past two years of your life together. I am so incredibly honored! I hope that you had as fabulous a time on your honeymoon as your pictures seem to show and that your "baby" wasn't too mad at you when you got home. Give him a snuggle for me! And definitely keep in touch.

Be on the lookout for all of the photos to be ready shortly. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek from their wedding day. To see more, be sure to head over to my Facebook page and hit the “Like” button!

[smugmug_gallery id="26075018_8Xsmgx" thumbnails="top" size="medium"]

Date: October 6, 2012  |  Getting Ready Location: Howard Johnson in Portland, Maine  |  Ceremony: St. Albans in Cape Elizabeth, Maine  |  Reception & Caterer: Seasons Event and Conference Center in Portland, Maine  |  Cake Artist: Good Eats Boutique in Portland, Maine  |  Florist: The Ladyslipper in Gray, Maine  |  Band: Higher Ground  |  Transportation: Atlantic Limousine and Yacht Center in Westbrook, Maine  |  Bridal Boutique: David's Bridal

Jessica & Aaron :: Engagement Session in Fort Williams Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Jessica and Aaron may not be walking down the aisle to newlywed-ed bliss until next year, but that didn't stop us from spending an afternoon together at Fort Williams Park in the always lovely Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Although its claim to fame is Portland Headlight, there is a lot more to see at the Park, which we definitely took advantage of. Aaron is the kind of guy that always has a smile on his face, is always on time, and always seems to be scheming something. Jessica is the perfect compliment to Aaron with her kind spirit and calmness that she seems to bring to any situation. Together, they are an absolute blast! It certainly will be an awesome combination and a sure fire way to an excellent wedding in the making. I can't wait for the big day!

Abbey & Matthew :: Engagement Session at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Abbey and Matthew are just about as adorable together as they come. Matthew makes Abbey smile and laugh. The way he looks at her could make butter melt in the middle of winter. That look... that is love. That is their love.

They will be tying the knot in Portland in September, but we got together before the big day for an engagement session at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It was a sweltering day, but that didn't stop them one bit. It is a sure sign that they wedding will be absolutely spectacular.

Here is a sneak peek of what they have to look forward to. It is impossible for me to chose a favorite, Abbey!

Amanda & Michael :: Wedding at the Purpoodock Club in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Amanda and Michael might live in the midwest, but they came back home to their home state to tie the knot at the gorgeous Purpoodock Club in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. To start the day, Amanda got ready at her sister's boyfriend's home, which is absolutely gorgeous! The guy has impeccable taste. The girls settled in under the shade of the umbrella on his back patio. It was such a relaxing place and the perfect way to begin such an incredible day. Amanda's sister did a fantastic job on Amanda's hair! And check out Amanda's incredibly cute nail polish! Credit goes to Lucinda's Day Spa for doing such an incredible job.

  • The groomsmen apparently needed a lot of help with their wardrobe (according to their wives). After putting on the finishing touches, being the on time gentlemen that they are, Michael spent a few moments with his groomsmen before the ceremony. It was certainly their idea to pick him up!

  • Amanda's Dress was downright stunning on the hanger never mind once she put it on. I loved the simplicity of it!

  • Amanda is her daddy's little girl. Once she was all ready, the ladies left her and her father to have a moment together (with me in tow). As soon as he walked through the door, the waterworks started on both sides. It was such an incredibly special moment!

  • The weather was absolutely perfect for Amanda and Michael. She couldn't wait to get around the corner to see Michael!

  • The very personal and touching ceremony definitely brought tears to many eyes. She promised to always let him push the shopping cart and he promised to always share his pickles.

  • The awesome candy bar also made for incredible building tools for this table of guests who must have lived in medieval times in a prior life. They were a blast to watch!

  • The super cute cake was also incredibly yummy. And check out their topper! So appropriate for this Harley Davidson riding pair.

  • Amanda and Michael held an anniversary dance and two couples wound up tying for being married the longest. If memory serves me, they have each been married for over 60 years! Talk about a good example to set for the newlyweds.

[smugmug_gallery id="18033667_J9WkfX" thumbnails="top" size="medium"]

Amanda and Michael, thank you so much for letting me play a part in your amazing day. It was most certainly my honor to see all of your planning come to life. Congratulations, Newlyweds! I hope that you enjoyed your time in Maine and had a safe journey back west.

Brooke + David = Engaged

Brooke and David will be tying the knot at the end of September, but we got together to get some shots with their baby, Remy, while they were up in Maine for the weekend. These two, or should I say three, kept me in stitches the entire time. Remy is lucky to have such awesome parents to call his own. Thanks for hanging out with me, Remy. I'll feed you treats any time! Oh, and can't wait to see you both in a little over a month, Brooke and David!

Here is a sneak peek from our session. Want to see more? Check out my page over on facebook (and don't forget to fan the page while you are there).

Portland Headlight Fort Williams Engagement Portraits
Portland Headlight Fort Williams Engagement Portraits
Portland Headlight Fort Williams Engagement Portraits
Portland Headlight Fort Williams Engagement Portraits
Portland Headlight Fort Williams Engagement Portraits
Portland Headlight Fort Williams Engagement Portraits
Portland Headlight Fort Williams Engagement Portraits

Melanie + Sam = Engaged

Melanie and Sam. What can I say? These two love birds are just contagious. Everything about them is. From Sam's giant smile when he looked at Melanie to the way Melanie's eyes twinkled when she looked at Sam. You couldn't help but feel the love. Next year at this time, these two will be married and starting the next big chapter in their lives. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this journey you two are on. You are awesome!

We hit up both Portland Headlight and the Old Port. Here is a sneak peek of our time near the water...