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Welcome to the world, Baby Darren!

I feel as though my relationship with Samantha & Ryan is like a chapter book. The prologue was in July of 2013 when I first met them for a cup of coffee in Sanford. Chapter 1 was in August of that year as we met up for their engagement portraits. Chapter 2 then happened in July of 2014 when we celebrated their nuptials at The Woodlands Club during the heat of summer. It was a few years later that we met up again and celebrated Jessica & Matt's wedding. Then Samantha & Ryan announced last year that they were pregnant and chapter four began!

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Ten Days New: Welcoming Baby X into the World

When you can trace your first photos of a couple back eight years to the very beginning of their relationship, you know it's going to be a special session for me. I am a sucker for nostalgia, of course. So it goes without saying that the first thing I did this evening in preparation for writing this post was to dig through my archives to find a photo of Chris & Jen from way, way back at John & Jenessa's wedding on Peaks Island in 2009. The very first one I found was nothing to write home about. And then I found this jem of the two of them, newly dating each other, attending his cousin's wedding. It is hard to think about the journey that they have taken over the years that led them to last weekend with their ten day old baby in their arms and, once again, in front of my camera.

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