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Michelle & Chris's Spring Wedding at The 1888 Barn

Michelle & Chris's Spring Wedding at The 1888 Barn

Michelle & Chris’s pretty in pink fairy day has been lurking in the wings here on my blog for a few weeks. But, as I get ready to send along their full gallery to them in the next few days, I knew it was time to relive the day here at last through their sneak peek. And oh my what a day it was! Truth be told, I’ve been looking forward to their wedding for over a year since they first contacted me and even more so since their engagement session last October.

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Meghan & Hunter's Fall Wedding in Wells, Maine

Meghan & Hunter's Fall Wedding in Wells, Maine

Back in August, I met Meghan & Hunter for the first time for their engagement session. Normally a couple might look at the weather forecast, see the rain as just about a definite, and then opt to reschedule. But these two lovebirds decided to roll the dice and opt to go for it. Worst case scenario, they would get wet! But their fingers, and mine, were crossed with the hope that handling the rain for their portraits would result in perfect weather come their wedding day.

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Keeley & Dan's Fall Wedding in Buxton, Maine

Keeley & Dan's Fall Wedding in Buxton, Maine

Keeley & Dan reached out to me to photograph their own nuptials over a year in advance of their wedding date. Having worked with me already, it didn’t take long for them to officially crown me their wedding photographer. I love it when that happens! They were planning a backyard soirée at Keeley’s childhood home with their closest family and friends there to celebrate. In fact, the tent was actually set up where Keeley & Amber’s swing set was set up many years ago. I am sure that the weekend was a bit surreal to their parents as the lawn was taken over with lawn games, cocktail tables, an aisle, and a large white tent.

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Samantha & Dalton's Hitching Post Wedding in Dayton, Maine

Samantha & Dalton's Hitching Post Wedding in Dayton, Maine

A chance encounter at a birthday party started Samantha & Dalton down the path of spending the rest of their life together. If the past ten months of getting to know them both better has taught me nothing else, it is that Dalton & Samantha are gifted at making each other so very happy no matter what life has thrown at them. I dare say that Samantha simply is not capable of smiling more than she does when Dalton is around. And the twinkle that comes to Dalton's eyes when he even talks about Samantha... sigh. Life goals, friends. Needless to say, you cannot help but be so very happy when you see the two of them together.

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Danielle & Dustin's Fall Wedding at The Loon Lodge in Rangeley, Maine

Danielle & Dustin's Fall Wedding at The Loon Lodge in Rangeley, Maine

Danielle & Dustin... if I were to get married today (versus ten years ago), I dare say that Alan & I would have a wedding much like theirs. Gorgeous burgundy lace bridesmaids dresses (which I conveniently matched with my own attire). Danielle's stunning, classic, long sleeved lace wedding dress complete with buttons on the cuffs. Her hair done in a lovely french twist (thank you Audrey!). Dustin getting ready with his guys upstairs with lots of laughter and antics. The sun streaming through the white puffy clouds and glistening across Rangeley Lake. The amazing staff from The Loon Lodge and florists from Sunrise View Farms busily prepared the lakeside green lawn for their ceremony.

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Hillary & George's Kora Temple Wedding in Lewiston, Maine

Hillary & George's Kora Temple Wedding in Lewiston, Maine

Well over a year ago, Hillary reached out to me across the ether in the early stages of planning her Maine wedding with George from a land far away. As someone who works with a number of couples "from away" every year, crafting a relationship with these two love birds since then, despite not having met them, was second nature. It goes without saying that arriving at Hair Station to meet up with Hillary and her ladies felt like meeting up with an old friend.

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Lindsey & Ryan's Little River Flower Farm Wedding in Buxton, Maine

Lindsey & Ryan's Little River Flower Farm Wedding in Buxton, Maine

The journey that led Lindsey & Ryan to Saturday, August 12th, may have been long, twisty, and sometimes uncertain. Yet I dare say that the trip was meant to be and well worth it for both of them. From when they first contacted me back in January, there was something about their story that resonated with me. Add in vision for a wedding ceremony held beneath the tall trees at the adorable Little River Flower Farm and I just knew that I had to capture their long awaited union.

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Molly & Brandon's Spring Wedding at the Hilton Garden Inn in Freeport, Maine

Oh my, what a perfect way to kick off my "busy season" with weddings! Molly & Brandon first reached out to me in March of 2015. well over a year in advance, with fingers crossed that I was still available. Lucky for them, and me, I was!

Fast forward through several months of phone calls, emails, and coffee dates... and we arrive at last weekend. The forecast was picture perfect leading up to the day of and Mother Nature did not disappoint. From the light and fluffy clouds, warmth of the sun on our skin, a slight breeze in the air, flowers in bloom, new leaves on the trees... when you think of springtime in Maine, you think of that day. It was perfect.

Molly & Brandon chose the Hilton Garden Inn Freeport Downtown as the setting for their day. It is unique in the hotel wedding scene in that they offer the picturesque park right next to their property as well as the Old Town Hall for your ceremony, accommodations on site (obviously), and their ballroom for your reception. Having everything for their day in one location certainly made for a very smooth timeline. Of course, Molly's attention to detail and their desire to have plenty of time to get ready meant that everything went off without a hitch and was timed.

When I think about their day, there are aspects that stand out to me the most. The most notable in my mind was watching Brandon & Molly interact with their parents. Their extremely strong family ties were very evident. From the way Brandon's parents looked at him as he was getting ready to how he embraced his mom during their formal portraits; from Molly being surrounded by her family as she ready for the ceremony to how she was embraced by her father during their formal dance together. It was so clear to me that family, and their faith, was of utmost importance to them and their relationship as they took this momentous step together.

Capturing the start to this chapter of their lives together was more of a honor than I could ever put into words. I know that their wedding day was just the next chapter in their incredible love story, which has so much more in store for these love birds.

While they are off enjoying their honeymoon, here is a sneak peek of what is in store for the new Mr. & Mrs. once they return. I hope that you love them as much as I do!

Tamara & Cory's Fall Wedding at the Village by the Sea

Tamara & Cory's wedding was arguable one of the chilliest I captured in 2015. But mother nature couldn't get in their way. Tamara got ready in the top suite in one of the townhouses at the Village by the Sea in Wells, Maine. The view alone made up for the chill in the area! What a gorgeous spot to get ready! In addition, Tamara's hard work planning the big day could not have paid off better. Their classically toned palette of blush pink with classic black and white just might have made it my favorite of the year. Her attendants wore stunning full length gowns from David's in blush pink while Tamara was a classic beauty in a stunning white gown with lots of sparkly details. So beautiful! For one last perfect matching detail, Tamara officially became my first bride to ever equip me for their wedding when she handed over her adorable pink Instax mini-8 instant film camera to snap photos of her details, getting ready... and just about anything else that suit my fancy! As a photographer with roots in film first before digital, I was so excited to add her camera to the mix. Talk about a blending of high and low technology!

For these love birds, my favorite moments of the entire day were centered around their son. From getting ready with the boys and looking so handsome in his tux to when he cut the corner during the processional so he could get to the gazebo faster. Then he brought tears to everyone's eyes during his toast to him mom during the reception before dancing with her. He certainly stole the show a number of times.

Cory, you have come so far since I first met you all those years ago. From the high school student in my classroom to a married man with an adorable son. Time certainly flies! Congratulations, Tamara & Cory, and thank you so much for having me there for your special day! I am so excited to see what life has in store for the two of you as you start your new life as husband & wife.

Sara & Jason's Unique Rustic Wedding at Darrows Barn at Round Top Farm in Damariscotta, Maine

Sara & Jason started planning their Maine destination wedding well over a year in advance and first reached out to meet in February 2014. Planning "from away" can be challenging, but, with Sara's family roots running deep in Maine, the rocky coastline was calling them to start the next chapter of their life together beneath the beam of the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine. And so Sara & Jason made the trek from their home in Wisconsin to the midcoast for their Maine wedding.

I first met the two of them almost exactly one year before their wedding for their engagement session at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It was obvious to me then, after only moments of knowing them in person, that they were meant to be together.

Fast forward to their wedding day and that certainly held true. Sara & Jason are two very unique, very in love individuals and together they make the perfect match for each other. Sara wore a beautiful gown with pintucks and a hot pink underlay she added to it with the help of her family. It went well with her hot pink platform sandals and hot pink veil. Jason and his gentlemen rocked awesome, black & white wingtip shoes along with aqua details. Jason topped it all off with a very dapper hat. Their private first look overlooking the ocean was perfection. Sara sneaked up behind Jason while he was watching the seagulls flying around. He was instantly stunned and requested several twirls so he could take it all in.

Despite marrying in July, the wind was gusting so strong that we were more than a bit chilled during their ceremony at the lighthouse. The tulle decorating their handmade birch arbor was blowing around all over the place. Lighting the unity candle? Challenging, to say the least. Yet the silver lining was that the guys in suits were comfortable and Sara, dawning her gown, was as well. There has to be a bright side!

After their brief ceremony and quick portraits, we all headed back to the Darrows Barn at Round Top Farm in Damariscotta. The Round Top Barn is one of the venues I visit most frequently and certainly one of my favorite spots. That day was certainly no different. With the event MC'ed by their family, the catering done by family, and AMAZING desserts from Moody's Diner (yes, family, too!), it was a family affair from start to finish. The entire day reflected the two of them to a T. The front lawn was covered in the widest variety that I have ever seen. It certainly drew crowds outdoors to enjoy the amazing evening weather. And, even better, they even had Nerf guns for their guests! I heard they bought out several Walmarts in the area amassing their stash. The games lasted well into the evening after they watched the always awesome sunset behind the barn.

Sara & Jason, thank you so much for letting Alan and me be there for your day. And for the Wisconsin cheese, Wisconsin beer, and even the Moody's Diner pie goodie bag! You guys are so awesome!

They already have their full gallery of images, but here is a peek at what we captured from their day. It was such a blast!

Leah & Nick :: Spring Wedding on the Coast at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Maine

I swear that last weekend must be a dream. The weather was perfect; puffy white clouds in the crystal blue sky, a breeze off the ocean, and everything was in bloom. Leah & Nick's long awaited wedding day at the Samoset Resort in Rockport was finally here. It certainly was a dramatic change from the hurricane that enveloped Kristine & Trevor's wedding the last time I was at the Samoset Resort in 2009.

I first met Leah & Nick at her brother's wedding in 2013. I was instantly taken by how genuine they both were. I knew then that I would not want to miss their wedding when the day came. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when Leah contacted me over a year ago asking if I was available. Obviously my answer was an enthusiastic yes! And the past year has flown by so fast; between the emails flying between the three of us and a get together at Novare Res in Portland, it was like reuniting with best friends come the day of.

Leah was absolutely stunning in her sky high Manolo Blahnik cobalt blue stilettos and her sterling organza bridal gown from the White by Vera Wang line at David's Bridal (VW351178) with her bridal jewelry from Etsy. Hoboken Gardens created perfect floral arrangements that complimented the vintage-inspired look for their Maine coastal wedding. Add all of the amazing details to the classic Maine wedding venue of the Samoset Resort in Rockport and it really was a dream wedding in every way. I could not have asked for a better way to kick off my 2015 wedding season than with the two of them and the rock star team they assembled to make it all happen.

It was so hard to narrow down their entire day to just a sneak peek of what is to come. What an amazing day! Be sure to follow Suzanne Simmons Photography on Facebook and Instagram, too.

Nick & Leah, thank you for having Alan and me there with you for your wedding. It was such an honor! I hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon! The photos you've shared with me thus far are making us want to buy a ticket and go there, too.

Date: May 24, 2015  |  Getting Ready, Ceremony & Reception LocationSamoset Resort in Rockport, Maine  |  Bridal BoutiqueVW351178 from the White by Vera Wang line at David's Bridal in Sterling  |  Groom's Attire: Men's Wearhouse  |  Caterer: Samoset Resort in Rockport, Maine  |  Ceremony & Reception Music: The Music Man DJ Service in Kennebunk |  Florist: Hoboken Gardens in Rockport, Maine   |  Officiant: Reverend Mark Glovin  |  Hair & Makeup: I Do Spas! from Sidney, Maine  |  Bakery: The Sugar Tree in Tennants Harbor, Maine

Meaghan & Chris :: Wedding & Reception at White Mountain Hotel & Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire

Sometimes I sit down to write my blog posts and I just can't come up with the words to express what I want to say. So it takes me a while to craft the post before I click publish. For Meaghan & Chris, it really comes down to love because, in the end, I love these two people so much than trying to put all my emotions in to writing about their gorgeous, snowy, winter wedding back in January... well, it's impossible. And so, months later, I know I just need to do it and cross my fingers that it comes across ok.

For me, Meaghan & Chris' wedding was personal. Chris is one of my husband's best friends. They've been coworkers for years now and we've spent a lot of time together and, as such, have a lot of history. Chris asked Alan to be one of his groomsmen. Having him in front of my camera instead of behind one of them as my assistant/second shooter was funnier than I can say. As for Meaghan, our relationship has a much shorter timeline. I first met her last year after Chris had been absolutely raving about her to Alan. She brought out a side of Chris that we hadn't seen before. She made him mushy and lovey and goofy right off the bat. If a girl could do that to our truck, mud, and motorcycling loving friend... I knew I had to meet her. What I hadn't expected was just how much I would connect with her through our shared love of Harry Potter and Legos in addition to being my gal pal while our guys were hanging out. When Chris proposed, Alan and I were so elated for them both, especially since it had been clear to us for a while that they were a once in a lifetime match for each other.

Fast forward through a couple whirlwind months of planning (and getting their engagement photos taken care of) and it was time to seal the deal. They wanted a winter wedding complete with big, fluffy snowflakes. They dreamed of temperatures a bit above freezing so that they could stand to be outside super quickly for photos. And they got it all. It was an absolutely spectacular day from start to finish! The entire event was held at the White Mountain Hotel & Resort at the base of Whitehorse and Cathedral Ledge in North Conway, New Hampshire. The view is absolutely stunning just about everywhere you look from the cliffs behind you to the view across the valley at Cranmore. Meaghan got ready with her ladies and mom in the bridal suite, which was absolutely massive! I dare say it was bigger than all of my first apartment. It was crazy! Chris, meanwhile, went for one last drive with his cousin/best man on the Kancamagus Highway before walking down the aisle. It was the perfect way to start the day for both of them.

Getting Ready at the White Mountain Hotel & Resort

When it was "go time", all of Meaghan & Chris's friends and family filled the hotel lobby awaiting their first glimpse at Meaghan. Chris and his guys waited patiently for her entrance. Emotions were high. I was smiling so much in excitement for the two of them. When Chris saw his bride for the first time... you could just see the love pour over his face. The was meant to be. This moment. This day. As Meaghan walked down the aisle at her dad's side, his pride radiated out as he looked at her. And Meaghan... oh, Meaghan. The pure joy and excitement was so crystal clear. There was no way that she could smile any more than she was. Happiness feels like such an understatement. The ceremony itself was perfect and topped off with vows that they wrote to each other. Then there was the kiss. Oh, that kiss! I think everyone in attendance just melted from it. Meaghan included. Good job, Chris!

Ceremony held in the lobby at the White Mountain Hotel & Resort

Immediately following the ceremony, I whisked the newlyweds outside to capture them at the base of Whitehorse Ledge before the light fell. I am SO jealous that they had this view for their day! Talk about incredible. Cliff behind them and a view of the valley in front of them. Gorgeous, new, white snow everywhere you could see. I love you, Mother Nature.

Winter outdoor portraits at the White Mountain Hotel & Resort

Once we had finished the family portraits in the dining room and the bridal party portraits outside (quickly enough that the ladies didn't freeze!), it was time to really get the party going! With the majority of the guests staying right at the hotel, the celebrating lasted well in to the night. Highlights of the evening included a very big announcement, Meaghan's dad hitting the dance floor next to his baby girl, some swanky moves from Meaghan's Aunt (hot stuff!), nighttime portraits under a starry sky, and a bridal and bouquet toss that left everyone in stitches. What many missed was the snow angels they attempted at the very end before heading to bed for the night. Yes, they were completely in their wedding attire. Yes, it was very cold for dear Meaghan.

Reception in the ballroom with outdoor night portrait at the White Mountain Hotel & Resort

Dearest Meaghan & Chris, thank you, once again, for letting both of us be a party of your day and for letting me be there to capture it all. We are truly blessed to have you two in our lives and we know you two are meant to be together. We can't wait to see what the rest of 2014 brings because we know that your wedding was just the start of one awesome year for you both.

Although their final gallery has been posted for a while and they've received their cute mini albums, be sure you check out their sneak peek over on my Facebook Page and hit like while you are there.

And, to anyone else planning a winter wedding, I'm your gal! I super, duper love winter weddings!

Date: January 19, 2104  |  Getting Ready, Ceremony & Reception Location: White Mountain Hotel & Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire  |  Bridal Boutique: David's Bridal  |  Groom's Attire: Men's Wearhouse  |  Caterer: Stone Cove Catering  |  Ceremony & Reception Music: Double Platinum Celebrations  |  Event Coordinator: White Mountain Hotel & Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire  |  Florist: Dutch Bloemen Winkle  |  Officiant: Denis Duprey  |  Hair & Makeup: Jill Daigle from Adalia Salon in Westbrook, Maine

Cerelia & Jim :: Biddeford Pool Wedding and North Dam Mill Reception in Biddeford, Maine

As I wrap up the gallery for Cerelia & Jim's gorgeous November wedding, it is the perfect time to reflect on the day. When I first met Cerelia and Jim, it was exactly eight months to the day before they were to walk down the aisle. I met them in the North Dam Mill in Biddeford, Maine, where their reception was to be held. I drank my fancy coffee from the amazing Perk Cafe. I crossed paths with one of my favorite DJs, Jim Smith from Premier Entertainment, as he was leaving his consultation with them and I was just heading in for my own. It was as if it was a sign of how awesome the actual wedding day would be.

Come the day of, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was just warm enough to not be unbearable, but it was definitely still November. The crispness in the air was definitely there. Cerelia and her girls got ready at the Hampton Inn Biddeford-Saco and I arrived just as their makeup and hair was being finished. Hairspray was sprayed on their hair. And in their shoes (to prevent slipping). Dresses were pulled on. Tears were shed. It was a beautiful day to get married. Deciding to see each other prior to the ceremony, Jim first saw Cerelia as the elevator doors opened. A smile broke out on his previously nervous face. And her dad, also seeing her for the first time as a bride, was more excited than anyone. He was one proud dad!


We captured their bridal party portraits at the Inn before heading to Biddeford Pool with the bride & groom in a school bus with their bridal party and family. The coral that Cerelia chose to dress the bridal party in was the perfect pop of color against the blue ocean and the greenery of the trees.


The ceremony itself was held at the perfect little Union Church in Biddeford Pool. Between the warmth of the love between Cerelia & Jim and the heat wafting out of the floor vents, everyone soon forgot the quickly dropping temperatures outside as the sun began to set. For theirs guests who had traveled from far and wide, this was what they came for. To see Cerelia marry Jim, who she had pursued on her own despite him being her boss. Go, Cerelia! When she knows what she wants, she goes and gets it.


The celebratory reception was held in the awesome North Dam Mill in Biddeford. The building's character in combination with Cerelia's eye for detail and design led to an experience that no one will soon forget. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Cerelia & Jim danced the night away in each others arms. Completely and utterly in love. Basking in the glow of newlywedness.


Cerelia & Jim, thank you so much for letting me play a roll on your awesome day. It was so incredible! This is just a small sneak peek of the many, many more photos that will be coming to you shortly. I can't wait to show them all to you!

Date: November 16, 2013  |  Getting Ready Location:Hampton Inn in Saco, Maine  |  Ceremony Venue:Union Church in Biddeford Pool, Maine  |  Reception Venue:North Dam Mill in Biddeford, Maine  |  Bridal Boutique:David's Bridal  |  Groom's Attire:Classic Tuxedo  |  Caterer:Union Pub in Biddeford, Maine  |  Cake & Dessert Artist:Perk Cafe in Biddeford, Maine  |  DJ Service:Premier Entertainment  |  Stationary:Etsy  |  Rentals:Party Plus Rentals in Biddeford, Maine  |  Makeup Artist: Dan Shackley in Portland, Maine

Brenna & Rob :: Wedding & Reception at Frontier in Brunswick, Maine

Sometimes you get a moment where there is a light bulb that goes off above your head. Whether it is an idea or a thought, it is often a source of inspiration. For me, I had a bulb light up as soon as I first met Brenna, her mom, and her bridesmaid over an awesome latte at Panera Bread. I had to photograph her wedding. There was pretty much nothing in the world that I wouldn't give to be there. The vision they had, the details they planned, the time of year, the venue... all of it was like a dream come true to me. And I wasn't the one getting married! We talked of how Brenna met Rob and how they had been across the country (and back) together. The conversation turned to what last details they were looking to book for the day and, eventually, to the cake. With Brenna not being a fan of the traditional cake and looking for something more unique that fit their day, I immediately suggested donuts. But it couldn't be just any old donut. It had to be special. It had to be Maine. It had to be Holy Donut in Portland. They loved the idea. And, as if I thought it was possible, I was even more hopeful that I would get to be there to see this all come together.

They picked me. They picked ME! I was ecstatic. A gorgeous fall wedding AND a winter engagement session. (If you haven't seen their portraits from last winter, you are seriously missing out because they are seriously some of my favorite ever.) I am one lucky lady!

Fast forward to this fall. It. Was. Amazing! I was blessed with an incredible overcast sky (my all time fav weather conditions!) and a temperature just cool enough to keep the gentlemen cool and comfortable but not so cold that the ladies were shivering and blue. It was fall in Maine. It does not getting better than this. The bridal party gathered at the gorgeous Inn at Brunswick Station to get ready: the ladies in one suite with the guys on the other side of the wall. The primping for the girls started much earlier than the guys. So typical! I always say that the guys are “boxers and beer” until it was go time and that held true that day. Once the details were finished, Brenna debuted her attire to her ladies in waiting for the first time: tears, gasps, huge smiles... one of their best friends was about to marry their best friend.

Brenna went to meet her dad. It was one of my favorite moments of the whole day. The pride gushed from him as he embraced his baby girl just moments from walking down the aisle to Rob. Bouquets were passed around, we captured portraits on the gorgeous side porch of the Inn, and away they went to what has to now be one of my favorite wedding venues ever. The call was made for the boys to come down. Boutonnieres were pinned. Jokes were made. And then we made our way to Frontier.

The ladies waited in a side room as the guests arrived with the buzz of excitement of a new chapter for these two lovebirds. Seats were taken in the theater with their friends and family gasping at how absolutely amazing Frontier was. Frontier is located in the Fort Andross Mill in Brunswick. It has gorgeous, huge windows with this amazing light pouring in. A movie theater boasting the latest from the documentary and art film world. And a huge art gallery with views of the mill courtyard.

The ceremony was filled with high emotions as these two families became one. The tough firefighter showed his soft side as he watched his bride being led down the aisle with the veil pulled over her face. Brenna was so stunning while holding on to the arm of her very proud dad leading her to her almost husband. That moment. It will always choke me up. I have to watch myself and make sure I don't cry. This is the time. The time that they become husband and wife. This is what the day is all about. The vows. The ring. The kiss. They are now one. More so than they were prior to this day.

Following a whirlwind family portrait session next door in the gallery, the newlyweds and I loaded in to a Brenna's stepfather's car and took off for the footbridge down the street. The foliage was amazing. The light could not be more perfect. The timeline was arranged perfectly to maximize the time I had with the couple (did I mention that I LOVE them?!?). We buzzed around the bridge managing to not slip on the newly fallen red leaves while avoiding disrupting the other people taking in the views. I was making my now infamous happy noises like no tomorrow. What I was seeing... what I was capturing... Oh. My. Goodness. Love love love...

The party continued at the Frontier as the newlyweds' family and friends celebrated what they all knew was meant to be. Brenna and Rob. Married. At last. The smiles, the cheers, the tears... it was all for them. And I was right there with everyone. Brenna and Rob may have started the planning process as clients. But, as many of my couples do, the day of became a day of seeing my friends marry each other. And to have it happen in such a amazing venue like Frontier with the amazing details like theirs and the delicious donuts from Holy Donut (Yes, they did take my suggestion!) and Cinnamon rocking the joint like they owned it, I dare say that the day was even better than any of us had ever imagined. I want to relive it right now. And I didn't even get married that day!

Brenna & Rob (and your family and friends): You are all so amazing. Really. You are. This journey with you both to this day has been incredible. I will forever hold in my heart our wandering around the East End in Portland overjoyed with the huge, fluffy snow flakes that Mother Nature blessed us with and with how absolutely perfect your wedding day was. I am honored to have been there to capture it all. And Alan and I are already looking forward to our trip back to Frontier for a date night (you guys rock!).

The newlyweds already have all of their awesome photographs from the day on my website, but I certainly did not want to keep their sneak peek from you. So, here it is! (And you can also catch it over on Facebook, so be sure to like my page!).

Date: October 5, 2013  |  Getting Ready Location:The Inn at Brunswick Station in Brunswick, Maine  |  Ceremony & Reception Location:Frontier in Brunswick, Maine  |  Bridal Boutique: David's Bridal  |  Groom's Attire: JCPenney  |  Donuts:The Holy Donut in Portland, Maine  |  Cake Artist:Bam Bam Bakery in Portland, Maine  |  Florist: Pauline's Bloomers in Brunswick, Maine  |  Hair & Makeup Artist: Ariel Johnson  |  Band: Cinnamon  |  Officiant: Rev. Erika Hewitt  |  Tent & Rental: One Stop Event Rentals in South Portland, Maine  |  Transportation: Brunswick Taxi

Kelly & Ryan's Westford, Massachusett Saint Catherine's of Alexandria & Westford Regency Inn

I first got together with Kelly & Ryan almost exactly a year prior to their wedding for the Nubble Lighthouse engagement session. The sun that day was bright, the tourists crowded the lighthouse, and the temperatures were just a tad warm. My dream for their wedding day consisted of just a smidge of cloud cover with the perfect temperature so the girls wouldn't freeze, but the guys wouldn't melt either. I. Got. My. Wish!

Driving down to Massachusetts the morning of their September wedding was surreal. I just couldn't get over how fast the time had gone by. Where had the past year and a half since Kelly first contacted me gone? A whirlwind. That's what it was. Walking in to Kelly's suite at the Westford Regency Inn was like walking into a dream: there was the distinct smell of air spray in the air, the poof of makeup powder floating around the window, the pop of the champagne cork as mimosas were made, the smell of the heat from the curling irons ready to be used, and the laughs from the gorgeous ladies as they anxiously awaited the moment when Kelly would walk down the aisle. Before long, the details were finished, the dresses went on, and it was time for Ryan to meet his bride at the end of the aisle at the church.

The Catholic mass wedding ceremony was held at the stunning St. Catherine's of Alexandria in Westford, Massachusetts, which has an incredible cathedral ceiling and gorgeous light streaming in through the side windows. Tears of joy were common place amongst Kelly & Ryan's family and friends as the ceremony started until the ringbearer stole everyones attention as he was carried down the aisle dangling from the hands of his dad, who was a groomsmen, and Kelly's matron of honor. Then the tears turned to laughter. And that was how the ceremony went: tears of joy, spurts of laughter, and lots of smiles. Everyone had been waiting for this day.

At the conclusion of the service, we went back to the Westford Regency Inn for their formal portraits before kicking off the party under a huge tent on the front lawn. And boy does this crowd know how to party! There were so many highlights that it is hard to mention them all. I got to see Keriann & Joe, who were married earlier this year at the Nashoba Winery (I LOVE seeing my past couples!). Kelly & Ryan's cake was huge, gorgeous, AND the cake was purple! (Don't believe me? Check the photos below.) The guests broke out a pile of maracas that enticed everyone to form one of the longest conga lines I've ever seen. One of Kelly's bridesmaids is a die hard Michael Jackson fan and Kelly made sure that the DJ played her favorite song, which resulted in everyone clearing the dance floor just for her (and boy can she dance!). Add in two of Kelly's other friends and you had the recipe for one absolutely awesome, kick butt dance off that went just about all night long. And I would be wrong to not mention Kelly's grandfather who was burning up the dance floor a ton and was rocking out with his grandkids. It was such an awesome night!

Kelly & Ryan (& family), thank you so much for letting me be there for such an absolutely epic day! I hope that we cross paths many times in the future so I can party it up with you more (like in 2015, nudge nudge to your bridesmaid!). You guys are awesome!

I'm getting very close to having their full gallery up on my website, but here is a sneak peek at the massive number of photos that the newlyweds have coming to them to help relive their wedding day.

This first shot is obviously not printable, but the series of shots I took surrounding their bridal party firing off poppers during their formal portraits just screamed at me to do this for them.

And now on to the still frames from the day:

Date: September 14, 2013  |  Ceremony Location:St. Catherine's of Alexandria in Westford, Massachusetts  |  Getting Ready & Reception Location:Westford Regency Inn in Westford, Massachusetts  |  Bridal Boutique:David's Bridal  |  Groom's Attire:Men's Wearhouse  |  Cake Artist:Frederick’s Pastries of Andover, Massachusetts |  Florist:A Belvidere Florist in Lowell, Massachusetts  |  DJ Service: Main Event Entertainment in Londonderry, New Hampshire  |  Transportation:Harris Limo in Lowell, MassachusettsMakeup Artist:Beautiful Faces in Waltham, Massachusetts  |  Hair Styist: Stefanie