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Keeley & Dan's Fall Wedding in Buxton, Maine

Keeley & Dan reached out to me to photograph their own nuptials over a year in advance of their wedding date. Having worked with me already, it didn’t take long for them to officially crown me their wedding photographer. I love it when that happens! They were planning a backyard soirée at Keeley’s childhood home with their closest family and friends there to celebrate. In fact, the tent was actually set up where Keeley & Amber’s swing set was set up many years ago. I am sure that the weekend was a bit surreal to their parents as the lawn was taken over with lawn games, cocktail tables, an aisle, and a large white tent.

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Lyndsay & Collin's Lakeside Wedding at Camp Wildwood

Fifteen months. That is how long I waited to meet Lynsday & Collin for the first time on their wedding day. Yet that fifteen months of calls and emails made it seem like I was catching up with old friends when I arrived at Camp Wildwood in Bridgton, Maine, for their wedding festivities. I found Lyndsay with her ladies with their preparations well under way in one of the cabins tucked a bit away from the other wedding guests enjoying the beach across camp. The nerves had kicked in for everyone along with the occasional giggle of excitement. Meanwhile, Collin and his gents played volleyball by the main hall before retreating to the lower level of the cabin to tackle their own primping. With their getting ready stage completed, I shooed their lingering family and friends away (sorry, y’all!) to give these two a brief moment of time to see each other. As soon as they locked eyes on each other, the stress melted away and the laughter started again. As I saw them together in one space for the first time ever, it was very obvious to me why they make such a perfect match.

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Amber & Bryant's Rustic Maine Wedding at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough

As often happens this time of year, this "sneak peek" isn't much of a sneak any more as Amber & Bryant received their complete gallery weeks ago when they were on their honeymoon! Yet here I am. Thinking back on their glorious wedding at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough, Maine. To be honest, I have been hoping to have the opportunity to capture a wedding there, so it is no understatement that I was looking forward to their day ever since Amber first contacted me.

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Angie & Jake's Rustic Maine Wedding at Coolidge Family Farm

Just over a year ago now, I sat down in a local hole in the wall donut shop with Angie as she and Jake were solidifying their wedding plans already a while in the making. Time flew by quickly and soon I was sitting in my car excitedly tapping on my steering wheel hoping that I would have the honor to capture their wedding day.

The year since then was gone in the blink of an eye and Alan and I soon arrived at the Coolidge Family Farm for their wedding day. With a bit of humidity lingering in the air, we were all happy that the heat of the summer seemingly had decided to tone it down for the day. As Angie & her ladies assembled the last of their details in the top floor of the main house, Jake and his guys arrived to finish their own preparations. The tears first started to flow as Angie had her first look with her Dad and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't misty eyed, too. This day had been coming for a long time and emotions were high.

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