Meghan & Hunter's Fall Wedding in Wells, Maine

Back in August, I met Meghan & Hunter for the first time for their engagement session. Normally a couple might look at the weather forecast, see the rain as just about a definite, and then opt to reschedule. But these two lovebirds decided to roll the dice and opt to go for it. Worst case scenario, they would get wet! But their fingers, and mine, were crossed with the hope that handling the rain for their portraits would result in perfect weather come their wedding day.

And then came their wedding day in October. I tend to keep my eyes turned a bit from the weather forecast leading up to the wedding day and opt to look only when the day is upon us. Look before then and it could drive me crazy! Yet Meghan & Hunter’s wedding day arrived and… their afternoon spent practically drowning for their engagement session paid off in spades as they were blessed with the most perfect weather for their wedding. White puffy clouds, crystal blue sky, not too cold… when you think of your wedding day in late October, their day would be what you would envision.

Meghan & Hunter prepared for their day in a beach house near Moody’s Beach in Wells, Maine, with their loved ones surrounding them. The boys went to the beach while Meghan and her father had their moment looking out at the ocean and her ladies saw her in her bridal regalia for the first time. Then she took her own walk down to the beach to finally see Hunter. There were smiles. Lots of laughter. And plenty of cheers from all of the onlookers. Then it was time to get them married.

The lovebirds were married in their own backyard surrounded by their closest family and friends as the sun started to set over the distant hills. Their rings were exchanged using a gorgeous wooden box that Hunter made himself. The ladies were bundled in adorable shawls that Meghan’s mother made for them. The arbor was covered in fall foliage. It. Was. Perfect.

The celebrating started under a huge tent in their front yard with Above and Beyond Catering filling their guests tummies and their glasses topped off by The Bar Association. After toasts, Stolen Mojo kicked things up a notch and got the dance floor hopping while Maine Photo Booth Bus Co. kept them laughing in their vintage VW bus. It was one heck of a party and the most perfect way for Meghan & Hunter to start the next chapter of their life together. I know that Thomas of Silver Cloud Cinema from Austin, TX, and I had an awesome time capturing the entire story. And I dare say their loved ones will be talking about it for a long, long time.

Meghan & Hunter, thank you so much for having me along for the ride over the past months. I had such a great time capturing your story!

Their full gallery is in the works, but here is the long awaited sneak peek of what the newlyweds have to look forward to.