"D" Family Portraits at Fort Williams Park

When your connection with a family goes back over a decade, their annual family portrait sessions turn into a family reunion. And they start much like they normally do. “Holy smokes the kids are so big!” “Are you walking yet?” “Do you love being a big sister?” I mean, really… check out my post from the same family three years ago! So very much has changed over all these years. The little girl from those photos is now in school and running just about everywhere. She’s also a big sister now and has completely embraced the new role by both torturing her less mobile sister with all of her said running and also eliciting endless giggles with flower tickles. I cannot wait to watching these two grow up together!

And, to their Dad, good call on the Mother’s Day present of another portrait session together! ❤

Family portraits at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine