Furry Friend Fridays

This cutie spent the morning with the ladies

I know what you're thinking. "THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY!"

And, if you've been paying attention, you know that I celebrate the end of the work week with one of my furry friends. This time, my favorite little friend is none other than Jaclyn & Jake's furry kiddo. One of the awesome parts of having your wedding at The Barn at Flanagan Farm is having the farmhouse to get ready in with your friends and family. And furbabies! Jaclyn & Jake always have their pups by their side so it was a given that they be there as they tied the knot.

Don't you just want to go over there and given them a belly rub and head scratch?

This seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bowser & Bruin. Oh, boys.

When my couples ask me if they can bring along their furry babies to their shoots, I always say yes. I love me some furry snuggles! For Cairsten & Jimmy, my response was no different. After building a relationship with them ever since Kelly & Ryan's wedding, I could not wait to meet their two pups, Bowser & Bruin.

We opted for Bug Light in South Portland for the views of the Portland's Old Port, the harbor, the lighthouse... the list is endless. It is a great area with lots of variety AND it's pup friendly!

Bowser & Bruin did not disappoint. They were super excited about everything. Wanted to meet everyone. Photos, what photos? We're here to PLAY! Meandering around the park with Mutt & Jeff in tow was an experiment in hilarity. When they weren't in the photo, we had them tied to a bench or I was holding their leashes to give Cairsten & Jimmy a break from the chaos. I'm sure they were both thinking "This seemed like a good idea at the time."

Yet, when it gets down to it, even with the chaos... the furry friends in our lives are an integral part of our lives. Yes, they bring chaos. But they also bring lots of kisses, laughs, and uninhibited love. And, as part of your family, it is worth the chaos for shots like this one.

I am still brought to laughs every time I see Cairsten & Jimmy post photos of their pups on Facebook. Thank you for hanging out with me boys and letting me tell your parent's love story. You are lucky boys to have such awesome people to call your own.


Furry Friend Fridays with Digby

It's Friday at long last. Sometimes it feels like it would never come. Yet here it is! I think the same can be said about Spring here in Maine at this point. We're just still waiting for it.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love our furry friends. What better way to wrap up the week than my showing them off? This week's furry friend is my own Mr. Digby. He's super scruffy right now and desperately needs a trip to the groomer. But he is my little old man. A terrier mix that we rescued from Arkansas when he was just a pup. Now he's just over eight years old and is regularly greeted with the hugs and kisses of our daughter (sometimes a bit too tight). He loves walks and hiking and gets really excited with his tongue hanging out and tail wagging tons about a mile into either. His tummy alarm goes off at 4PM every day even though he knows he won't get fed until after 5PM. And he loves being tucked in at night in his bed.

He is my Digby. My first "kid". I love my little old man.