Newborn cuddle session with Carly Lou

I am blessed. Yes, I am. Because I have incredibly awesome couples who turn in to friends. And then some of those friends have babies. And I get to cuddle them lots. It helps any smidge of baby rabies I might have to get my fix and then give them back for all the less than fun stuff.

Today I had the honor of cuddling three day old Carly Lou, the adorable munchkin of Trish & Rob who were married last year. She is such a little peanut and simply perfect in every way: her dark brown hair, wrinkly toes, stretched out fingers getting used to feeling this world, and her so sweet little smell. Yes, there is a lot to love about this little miss. And she is one lucky little lady to be a part of such an incredible family filled with lots and lots of love. I have already requested follow up snuggle time just so I can soak in her sweetness while she's still little. We all know that they grow up much to fast. Soon they turn in to three year olds that make you wish those sleepless nights of infancy were still here. (I may be talking a bit about my own munchkin who is currently asleep in the next room.)