baby girl

Piper :: 2 Week Old Newborn Portraits

Amanda & Justin have become one of the most "famous" couples I have. First, they were married at the Mountain View Grand in 2010 under a sprinkle of rain that brought them a triple rainbow. Then we got together for their fall foliage trash the dress session that resulted in their dachshund, Peanut, being featured as Real Maine Wedding's Pup of the Week portrait. And a few weeks ago we wandered around the Old Port to capture their maternity portraits as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their baby girl, Piper. Needless to say, it has been so amazing and such an honor to be a part of their life together from the very beginning.

And it became even more special to me this past weekend as I met up with Amanda & Justin (and Peanut & Hemi) to welcome adorable little Piper in to the world (and get her in front of the camera for the first time). With two good looking, smart parents behind her, it is no wonder that Piper is already so smart and absolutely perfect. From her long, tiny toes to her delicate fingers reaching out to the world around her. From her whispy hair to her stunning blue eyes starring out the windows. Snuggling her made my baby rabies act up (but a bout with my own teething 9 month old put that in check).

Here is a sneak peek of what we captured during the new family's session. I cannot wait to watch this little lady grow up! Congratulations, Amanda & Justin (and Peanut & Hemi)!

Charlotte :: 5 Day Old Baby Girl

This post is a bit delayed as Charlotte has now more than doubled in age, but I wanted to post it anyways. I first met Charlotte's mom way back in the day when we were both getting married. Both being educators and fond of the outdoors, we hit it off right away. So, needless to say, when her second child came along, I jumped at the chance to snuggle with her (and take her first formal pictures). With my own baby being more than 6 months old, petite Charlotte gave me flash backs to the itty bitty stage when sleeping and eating was just about how Bri spent her entire day. Oh how I miss that stage!

Not wanting to spoil all of the fun for Charlotte's lucky parents, I'll save the rest of her pictures for them. But I did want to share just this one shot we got of her with her own L.L. Bean boat tote.* I cannot wait to watch this little lady grow up (and capture her in photographs as it happens). Thank you to Charlotte's mommy & daddy for letting me snuggle with her! xoxo

*Please do not try this position on your own! I had Charlotte's mommy help me to ensure it was done safely.