Levi :: 11 Day Old Newborn Portraits in Windham, Maine

This post, like many more in the works, has been a long time coming. By now, little Levi isn't so little any more. But, back when John & Jenessa's family first went from a family of three to a family of four, I had the honor of snuggling their newborn baby boy. Levi was just eleven days old at the time. Looking at him, he has the face and the eyes of a wise man already. You can almost tell he has an old soul. As soon as he was in my arms it just took me right back to when my own daughter was born. How tiny we all start out as. His skin was all wrinkly and flakey. His breath was so innocent. His long fingers wrapping on to one of my own, so small they didn't go all the way around. *sigh* Newborns... <3

Here is a peek at what his mom & dad received from our shoot with them and his proud big sister.