Welcome to the world, Baby Darren!

I feel as though my relationship with Samantha & Ryan is like a chapter book. The prologue was in July of 2013 when I first met them for a cup of coffee in Sanford. Chapter 1 was in August of that year as we met up for their engagement portraits. Chapter 2 then happened in July of 2014 when we celebrated their nuptials at The Woodlands Club during the heat of summer. It was a few years later that we met up again and celebrated Jessica & Matt's wedding. Then Samantha & Ryan announced last year that they were pregnant and chapter four began! We braved the cold in March of this year to take their maternity portraits at Fort Foster in Kittery. Waiting for May to come and their baby boy to make his long awaited appearance? So hard! After all these years with these two, waiting for chapter five was the longest wait of all.

Arriving at their door at the end of May brought a huge wave of emotions. How far these two have come together and how long they had waited for this chapter. Spending time with them that morning and it hit me. This is my favorite chapter yet. Seeing the two of them as parents? Absolutely my favorite role for them of all time. The two of them are meant to be parents. And little baby Darren? What a lucky boy he is to have them as parents.

For a new twist, here is a fusion slideshow of my time with little baby Darren (who I am sure is not so little any more).