Charlotte :: 5 Day Old Baby Girl

This post is a bit delayed as Charlotte has now more than doubled in age, but I wanted to post it anyways. I first met Charlotte's mom way back in the day when we were both getting married. Both being educators and fond of the outdoors, we hit it off right away. So, needless to say, when her second child came along, I jumped at the chance to snuggle with her (and take her first formal pictures). With my own baby being more than 6 months old, petite Charlotte gave me flash backs to the itty bitty stage when sleeping and eating was just about how Bri spent her entire day. Oh how I miss that stage!

Not wanting to spoil all of the fun for Charlotte's lucky parents, I'll save the rest of her pictures for them. But I did want to share just this one shot we got of her with her own L.L. Bean boat tote.* I cannot wait to watch this little lady grow up (and capture her in photographs as it happens). Thank you to Charlotte's mommy & daddy for letting me snuggle with her! xoxo

*Please do not try this position on your own! I had Charlotte's mommy help me to ensure it was done safely.