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Angelina & Ravi's Indian Wedding at Granite Ridge Estate

My. Oh. My. Having the honor of capturing Angelina & Ravi’s wedding at Granite Ridge Estate this summer truly blew my mind. From the moment they reached out to me just about 11 months before their wedding, I was practically jumping up and down with excitement. I have been crossing my fingers hoping to photograph a wedding at Granite Ridge Estate since they first came on the scene. From the majestic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys to the gorgeous barn (and you know how much I love barn weddings!), I was incredibly inspired by the entire estate. Let me tell you, I don’t think that I was really ready for just how amazing it was because it was definitely better than I imagined. Add on to that the instant connect I felt with Angelina and Ravi (especially over our shared love for our furbabies) and I knew it would be a day like no other.

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