A Trip a Bit Off the Beaten Path

Sometimes you find inspiration in... weird... places.

For a long time, I've been admiring the work of urban explorers. They explore man-made structures which have often been left abandoned... surrendered back to the earth from which they came. Needless to say, the ones that I follow capture these mysterious places through often eerie images, otherwise known as urbex, that I just can't take my eyes off. I have longed to find my own way to do the same. Last year, I had an opportunity come up and I took the bait.

The entire series of images I captured is 19 frames. Some of them are more revealing than others. I have a personal connection to the people who lived here. Being in their space, the place they called home, after all of these years was haunting. I had flashes of what little I remember as I waited for each exposure to be made. It was as if the open shutter in my camera was giving me a window back in time. The personal effects left behind tell much about their lives. What is left is what was deemed of no value by those that still walk this earth.

I know. This whole post is a bit off topic. Yet I felt the desire to share. I think it is important to stretch our wings, go beyond our comfort zone, and test our bounds. As a photographer, experiments like this help me to improve my craft, try new techniques, and work on my own personal projects at the same time.

What are you inspired by? What do you do to push yourself?