Praise from Scott & Molly

★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)

"Susie did our spring engagement photos and photos for our fall wedding at the Frontier in Brunswick, ME. So we've had some time to really reflect on how lucky we were to work with Susie and wanted to let others know how awesome she was.. We were so impressed with how easy she was to work with, the quality of the photos, and her professionalism. Susie put a lot of care into planning which shots we wanted, identifying all of the friends and family we wanted shots with, and the location and timing of it all. All of the planning we did ahead of time really paid off when things got a little hectic and behind schedule as all it meant was making a few adjustments. I will also mention we did "wedding day yoga" with our bridal party, and they turned out to be some of our favorite shots. Susie definitely has good eye for capturing little moments - in new environments she's never shot before, no less (like yoga studios!). THANK YOU SUSIE!!! We cherish the photos you took."