My Guilty Pleasure

Over the past year, I have been focusing more on making healthy choice in my life. It's not been about getting skinny or looking better, but more about feeling better in my own skin and being able to keep up with my growing daughter.

Yet, like many, I have a guilty pleasure that I just can't stop enjoying.

Friends, I am addicted to buffalo sauce. The hotter, the spicier, the better. I put it on everything. Eggs, rice, vegetables, and, of course, my beloved boneless chicken fingers.

Last week I was battling this epic cold. I lost my voice. My ears were full. Coughing... check. I decided that a day of rest and recovery was in order. And guess what I made for breakfast? Yes, boneless buffalo chicken fingers. For breakfast.

I have a shelf in my pantry for all of the sauces I've collected trying to determine which one is my absolute favorite. If I'm traveling out of town, I always check out what options the area stores have to see if there are any I haven't tried. And Alan and I even have a shared list so we can rate each one that we try.

What is your guilty pleasure? Is there something you just can't live without even if it isn't the healthiest choice?