Three years past in a flash

I'm sitting here in my office having just downloaded my personal camera filled with images from the last week. Meanwhile, my phone is binging with my daily batch of photos taken from the same date over the past years (thank you, Timehop!). The part I instantly scroll back to is from three years ago. Why? Because three years ago, we welcomed our daughter into the world. I'm still astonished by how fast it has flown by and how many memories we've taken since then. I've taken 47,036 personal photos in that time according to Lightroom (OMG!). My first three years of motherhood covered in 47K+ photos. And my husband's first three years of daddyhood. And Bri's first three years of her amazing life. What a trip!

Happiest 3rd birthday, baby girl! Celebrating your birthday on Mother's Day last weekend was the best gift ever. xoxo