Hallie :: One Year Old Portraits at the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge in Wells, Maine

Hallie's mommy and I met online and became good friends once we discovered that we both like rock climbing and hiking and both happen to have baby girls really close in age. It has been a blast having someone else around with a kiddo the same age and I'm super excited to get to go on adventures together with our little ladies this summer. So, when Hallie turned one last month, it was only natural that we got together to capture the milestone at the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge in Wells, Maine. Although I was born in Kennebunk Port, I had never paid a visit to the Refuge before. What a gorgeous spot! We took Hallie (and her daddy) for a walk around the loop and stopped at the various outlooks as her mood suited her. She had a great time exploring the environment around her. "LOOK! A STICK!" And the super cute red heart balloon they brought with them was a big hit as well. Hallie has grown so much in the last year and already has such a fun little personality. And I just couldn't get enough of her eyes and toothy smile. You're a cutie, Hallie!

Thanks to her mommy and daddy for letting me capture this awesome time in their life. I had a blast! Here is a sneak peek of what they received from our session together.

Portraits at Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve in Wells, Maine

Date: April 27, 2013  |  Location: Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge in Wells, Maine