This feels like the clock just ticked back to 4 years ago.

This time four years ago. I was waddling around my hour waiting, anxiously, to have my daughter. Meanwhile, Danielle & Joe were preparing for their wedding on August 4th (the same date that Alan & I got married seven years earlier).

Flash forward.

Danielle reaches out to me as she was pacing, much like I was four years ago, awaiting their first child. Ever since then, I've been lingering by my phone looking for word that they had become parents at last. Last week, my phone buzzed. Danielle & Joe were officially parents!

This past weekend, I had the absolute blessing to meet their little one in their home and capturing the first chapter of their new life as a family of three (plus their pup, of course). She is already so very curious and checking out everything in the world around her. Lanky arms stretched out suddenly before retreating back to the comfort of her parents. Her eyes focusing on this odd little bump that seems so close and yet is so new (yes, her nose was quite an interesting site for a while no matter how hard it was to focus on). She already has her daddy wrapped tightly around her finger as was evident by his ability to sooth her during her crying fits. And Danielle... she has the glow of a new mother, so perfectly ready to bring her little lady up in this world. Danielle's smile whenever she looked at Joe holding her was infectious.

I am so completely honored when my couple's come back to me to continue their story after their wedding. Thank you, Danielle & Joe, for letting me meet your little lady. And for giving me my baby fix. She's so adorable!

10 day old baby girl newborn lifestyle portrait session in Maine

A Trip a Bit Off the Beaten Path

Sometimes you find inspiration in... weird... places.

For a long time, I've been admiring the work of urban explorers. They explore man-made which have often been left abandoned... surrendered back to the earth from which they came. Needless to say, the ones that I follow capture these mysterious places through often eerie images, otherwise known as urbex, that I just can't take my eyes off. I have longed to find my own way to do the same. Last year, I had an opportunity come up and I took the bait.

The entire series of images I captured is 19 frames. Some of them are more revealing than others. I have a personal connection to the people who lived here. Being in their space, the place they called home, after all of these years was haunting. I had flashes of what little I remember as I waited for each exposure to be made. It was as if the open shutter in my camera was giving me a window back in time. The personal effects left behind tell much about their lives. What is left is what was deemed of no value by those that still walk this earth.

I know. This whole post is a bit off topic. Yet I felt the desire to share. I think it is important to stretch our wings, go beyond our comfort zone, and test our bounds. As a photographer, experiments like this help me to improve my craft, try new techniques, and work on my own personal projects at the same time.

What are you inspired by? What do you do to push yourself?

This cutie spent the morning with the ladies

I know what you're thinking. "THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY!"

And, if you've been paying attention, you know that I celebrate the end of the work week with one of my furry friends. This time, my favorite little friend is none other than Jaclyn & Jake's furry kiddo. One of the awesome parts of having your wedding at The Barn at Flanagan Farm is having the farmhouse to get ready in with your friends and family. And furbabies! Jaclyn & Jake always have their pups by their side so it was a given that they be there as they tied the knot.

Don't you just want to go over there and given them a belly rub and head scratch?

Jacqueline's Unique Broach Bridal Bouquet

Last week I got the call the kind of call that I wait for. The sister of one of my past bride's is getting married! I absolutely love photographing weddings for the friends and family of my couples since it is like a family reunion for me. And (hint, hint!) it's an easy way to convince me to cancel my planned weekend off!

When I sat down to check my calendar, I was absolutely shocked to see that it has been almost 3 years since Jacqueline & Josh's wedding at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the Ocean Gateway in Portland. Thinking back to that day, there are so many moments that flash through my mind. Jacqueline getting ready with her sisters & friends, the emotions that flooded through everyone at their ceremony, exploring the Old Port with their bridal party, and the love that filled the Ocean Gateway as they celebrated their union.

One details that stands out to me to this day is the fabulous broach bouquet that Jacqueline spent so long creating for her wedding day. Each broach was carefully selected to compliment the purple worn by her bridesmaids along with gold, pearls, yellow, and white accents. It was deceptively heavy and gave her more of an arm workout than you would think. After photographing well over 100 weddings, it remains the most unique bouquets that I have ever photographed and, as such, it is certainly one of my favorites.

My Guilty Pleasure

Over the past year, I have been focusing more on making healthy choice in my life. It's not been about getting skinny or looking better, but more about feeling better in my own skin and being able to keep up with my growing daughter.

Yet, like many, I have a guilty pleasure that I just can't stop enjoying.

Friends, I am addicted to buffalo sauce. The hotter, the spicier, the better. I put it on everything. Eggs, rice, vegetables, and, of course, my beloved boneless chicken fingers.

Last week I was battling this epic cold. I lost my voice. My ears were full. Coughing... check. I decided that a day of rest and recovery was in order. And guess what I made for breakfast? Yes, boneless buffalo chicken fingers. For breakfast.

I have a shelf in my pantry for all of the sauces I've collected trying to determine which one is my absolute favorite. If I'm traveling out of town, I always check out what options the area stores have to see if there are any I haven't tried. And Alan and I even have a shared list so we can rate each one that we try.

What is your guilty pleasure? Is there something you just can't live without even if it isn't the healthiest choice?

This seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bowser & Bruin. Oh, boys.

When my couples ask me if they can bring along their furry babies to their shoots, I always say yes. I love me some furry snuggles! For Cairsten & Jimmy, my response was no different. After building a relationship with them ever since Kelly & Ryan's wedding, I could not wait to meet their two pups, Bowser & Bruin.

We opted for Bug Light in South Portland for the views of the Portland's Old Port, the harbor, the lighthouse... the list is endless. It is a great area with lots of variety AND it's pup friendly!

Bowser & Bruin did not disappoint. They were super excited about everything. Wanted to meet everyone. Photos, what photos? We're here to PLAY! Meandering around the park with Mutt & Jeff in tow was an experiment in hilarity. When they weren't in the photo, we had them tied to a bench or I was holding their leashes to give Cairsten & Jimmy a break from the chaos. I'm sure they were both thinking "This seemed like a good idea at the time."

Yet, when it gets down to it, even with the chaos... the furry friends in our lives are an integral part of our lives. Yes, they bring chaos. But they also bring lots of kisses, laughs, and uninhibited love. And, as part of your family, it is worth the chaos for shots like this one.

I am still brought to laughs every time I see Cairsten & Jimmy post photos of their pups on Facebook. Thank you for hanging out with me boys and letting me tell your parent's love story. You are lucky boys to have such awesome people to call your own.


You can get there, but you might not get back up. #tbt

Sometimes I think back to certain moments in my photography career and I just have to laugh.

Today I was nursing my cup of coffee (while battling a nasty head cold) and my mind went back to Brenna & Rob's wedding at Frontier in Brunswick, Maine. Brenna & Rob are my kind of people. Even though they got married back in 2012, I remember their day as if it was yesterday. The weather that October day was a smidge chilly, but otherwise perfect. Fluffy white clouds graced the sky, the foliage was just about to turn along the Androscoggin River, and the light was absolutely perfect. After so much time planning together and photographing their engagement session during the winter prior, their wedding day was like a day spent with old friends (as is often the case for me).

Looking back through their images, there are so many back stories that flash through my mind. What led to each shot. Who was laughing at what. What song Cinnamon was playing.

And then there is that one shot that just makes me laugh.

To capture their portraits, we visited many locations around Brunswick thanks to a family friend's zippy car. One of the shots I wanted to get was with the Swinging Bridge and the river in the background. Now, ladies are often wearing gorgeous high heels and are used to the harder footing and sometimes they aren't the most comfortable. Guys get the short end of the stick. Their shoes often LOOK like they should be comfortable, but they aren't at all. And your instinct is that their shoes would be better for walking around, but they usually have absolutely no traction. At least the ladies have a heel to catch!

That leads me to the part that made me laugh. Brenna & Rob and I had built a very trusting relationship leading up to their day and they knew that I could capture the images they wanted. In order to get that shot with the Swinging Bridge and the river in the background, I needed to get them to a lower area along the water's edge. We gingerly made our way down the embankment. I helped to guide them into position. And then I needed to get back up the incline. Turns out my footwear wasn't all that conducive! Bounding up to the top like a mountain goat, I knew the shot would be worth it, but goodness was that going to be fun to get up!

And I was right. The shot was so worth it for me. The clouds and bridge were perfectly mirrored off the water, the foliage in the background... it was all perfect. The real laughs came after as we had to make our way back to the reception. I made my way back down to Brenna & Rob to help them back up. The combination of Brenna's gorgeous dress with high heels and Rob's slippery dress shoes made for quite the sight! Planning a route to the top was a feat all in of itself. Oh my did we laugh!

Brenna & Rob, thank you for trusting me to capture your story. And for all the laughs. đź’•

Getting a Natural Sugar Fix

I often get asked if I was born in Maine or if I moved here. And my response is typically that I am a "New England Mutt" since I was indeed born in Maine (Kennebunkport to be exact!), but spent the majority of my formative years growing up in Tamworth, New Hampshire, before moving on to high school in western Massachusetts (NMH in the house!) and to Maine for my undergraduate degree (yay for USM!).

A few weeks ago, I went back to my old stomping grounds in New Hampshire to visit my family for New Hampshire's Maple Weekend (and to celebrate my mom's birthday). Growing up in such a rural area, the frost heaved dirt roads we ventured down to visit our favorite sugarhouse and creamery did not faze me at all. To get to Young Maple Ridge Sugarhouse in North Sandwich, New Hampshire, you have to head down a long dirt road for what feels like forever. Just about when you swear you must have missed it, you crest a hill and see the billowing steam from the roof of the sugarhouse. Get out of your car and you can smell the sap boiling already. The owner, Ida (who I went to school with longer ago than I care to think about!), and her family were there shaving ice to make syrup candy since mother nature did not cooperate with having snow around. My munchkin loved trying to get every last smidge off of the fork before digging in to her maple syrup covered vanilla ice cream. Like many of their visitors, we stood in front of their vast select of maple syrup bottle sizes, maple candy, maple cotton candy... the list goes on and on. My parents asked my daughter what size syrup we should get and the smart little lady obviously opted for the biggest bottle I've ever seen. It's like a growler of syrup. Her eyes lit up (perhaps from the size of the bottle or maybe just from her sugar high) and we made our way out.

The next stop was just a bit back down the way we came. The Sandwich Creamery in North Sandwich, New Hampshire, is a boutique creamery that sells ice cream and cheese the only way we know how out in the country. It's honor system all the way. Peering into the case to chose of flavors, it's hard not to just pick one of everything. I opted for their Mexican coffee, which was coffee based with cinnamon and chocolate covered espresso beans. I'm drooling just thinking about it! Sliding our money into the slot in the wall, we made out way back out into the cold with our sweet laden haul. A call to the cows and pigs and off we went. With her sugar coma wearing off, the kid snoozed in her carseat as we made our way back to my parent's house where I grew up.

Maple Weekend always marks the sign of Spring even if mother nature didn't really get the memo. What traditions do you have as we round the corner from winter to spring? I admit that these expeditions are much more fun with the kiddo in tow and it is certainly a flashback to go back to where I spent so much time of my life.

For the love of coffee and chocolate

After a busy weekend, there is one thing that I always reach for on Monday mornings. My coffee. For the toughest mornings, it has chocolate thrown in somehow.

There is something about the warm feel of my mug even when it is warm out. Taking a few moments to just sit down and breath in the warm steam rolling off my fresh cup of coffee is all I need to tackle the day head on. It's not even about the caffeine since I have sometimes opted for "unleaded" (as my dad calls it).

So, my friends, what do you do as part of your routine on Monday mornings? Are you a coffee drinker like me?

Furry Friend Fridays with Digby

It's Friday at long last. Sometimes it feels like it would never come. Yet here it is! I think the same can be said about Spring here in Maine at this point. We're just still waiting for it.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love our furry friends. What better way to wrap up the week than my showing them off? This week's furry friend is my own Mr. Digby. He's super scruffy right now and desperately needs a trip to the groomer. But he is my little old man. A terrier mix that we rescued from Arkansas when he was just a pup. Now he's just over eight years old and is regularly greeted with the hugs and kisses of our daughter (sometimes a bit too tight). He loves walks and hiking and gets really excited with his tongue hanging out and tail wagging tons about a mile into either. His tummy alarm goes off at 4PM every day even though he knows he won't get fed until after 5PM. And he loves being tucked in at night in his bed.

He is my Digby. My first "kid". I love my little old man.

When I Cried Taking a Couple's Wedding Portraits

It's common for me to reminisce about my past couples and families from over the years. But I thought that I would take a new spin on it.

Dearest Jeffrey & Jason.

They got married back in October of 2014. That alone is making me shake my head. It feels like just yesterday yet it has been almost 3 years.

I've told their story before, but, for those of you that aren't stalkers...

Jeffrey & Jason are related to another one of my favorite couples, Alicia & Derek. When Alicia & Derek were married at Clay Hill Farms, I was immediately drawn to Jeffrey & Jason. They were two peas in a pod. So obviously happy with each other... completely at home. I naturally gravitate towards such honestly happy couples.

As soon as I found out they were engaged, I came right out and said it. "Once you set a date, call me and I will be there (as long as I'm not booked)." I normally take on a very small group of weddings each year and rarely book over two per month. But sometimes I break my own rules.

Fast forward until October 12, 2014... a gorgeous, fall day... a delightful wedding weekend at one of Maine's treasured campgrounds... and plaid. Lots and lots of plaid.

Now for my confession.

When it came time for their formal portraits, I had to take a moment to compose myself as I broke down in tears. It's not unusual to gear teary eyed (those father/daughter dances have a way at pulling my heart strings after all). Yet this time I was downright crying. Crying... because (I'll be honest) my daughter will grow up in a state where everyone that wants to get married can do so. If any couple should be married, it is Jeffrey & Jason. Love like theirs is so true and deep. Being married to each other is the most formal way of recognizing that. And so I cried.

Thank you to Alicia & Derek and Jeffrey & Jason for letting me capture the story of their wedding days and be a part of your family's tale. I am so very honored to this day.

Seeking out the Green of Spring

It is hard to believe that Spring 2016 has officially come to Maine when I look out the window and see the fresh blanket of that lovely white stuff out there. We battled a true winter with everything looking mostly dead and not at all pretty. Yet today Mother Nature changed her mind and threw us a curve ball.

Before the white stuff started falling, I wanted to take a walk around my yard yesterday to check out how the plants were doing. The little boxwood I planted last summer is starting to show bright green spurts signaling their new growth. The plethora of paper white bulbs in my front flower bed are peeking up from the mulch. I bet they got a rude awakening today being covered in cold again! And then there is our flowering pear tree. We bought it 8-1/2 years ago as a clearance purchase for next to nothing during our first married fall and first fall in our new house. It's subsequently grown several times its original height as if a monument to all the years we've been married. The fuzzy buds are still tightly wrapped and have not started to burst open yet.

How does the world look outside your window today? Are you thinking spring? Or are you suddenly hearing holiday music in your head again?

New review from my latest family portrait session!

My roots may be in wedding photography, but I love using my camera to tell a story before and after the big day. This winter, I was blessed to capture one of my long time families as they welcomed the next generation into the world. Being there as when they got married and now as they become moms is by far a highlight for me. Sessions like theirs warm my soul deep down.

One of the lovely ladies posted this review on my Google+ page and Facebook recently and I just had to share it here.

"We simply love Susie. She has been our family photographer now for several years. She first photographed my sister's wedding at Kingsley Pines which I swear were the most amazing photos of a wedding I had ever seen. After that my younger sister used her for her wedding and again topped the charts with some amazing shots! We used Susie again and again...she has photographed all 3 of us sisters in our wedding dresses and most recently Susie photographed all 3 of our babies together! This just shows how versatile she is as a photographer!! And no matter what the situation she is shooting, Susie comes prepared. As a wedding photographer she carried supplies with her and was able to help pin dresses, hair...she has held babies, help changed diapers...I swear there is nothing Susie won't do to make your photography experience the best you've ever had."

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your story, ladies. I cannot wait to see what the future holds and to watch your little ones grow up. They are lucky to have such an incredible family to call their own!

P.S. The baby feet photo makes me super happy as the photos hanging in the background are from one of the weddings that I have shot for this family a few years ago. I love having such long term clients!

Three New Cousins: Newborn Lifestyle Portraits in Scarborough, Maine

I openly say that the biggest reason I am a wedding photographer is simply because of the amazing people I get to work with. Yes, photography is one of my many passions. But it is the customer service side of my business that drives me the most.

This session could be exhibit #1 to make that case.

I first photographed this family back in October of 2013 when Jenelle & Joe tied the knot at Kingsley Pines in Raymond, Maine. Jillian & Chris then got hitched in the Caribbean (I missed out on photographing that one!). And Jonna & David then completed the hat trick with their June 2014 in Poland, Maine. For you parents out there... yes.... I think most parents would freak out, to say the least. Three gorgeous daughters getting married within a few short months of each other.

Flash forward to the past few months. When you all get married so close together, it is a logical next step that they just might all become parents close together. Amazingly, that is just what happened!

When I got word that they wanted their "family photographer" (THAT'S ME!) to be there to capture a few lifestyle family portraits when they were all together here in Maine, I just about jumped in the air with joy. I have been anxiously hoping and praying that this day would come! And not just because I'm a sucker for the itty bitty next generation. But because I couldn't wait to see the entire family again! These are my people. Seriously. So very much love in my soul for this family.

I could have stayed with them all day and been more than happy. I love capturing this stage in the journey of life as I know first hand how fleeting it is. Although less than two weeks ago, I see photos of these new cousins on Facebook and I swear they have grown a ton already. This stage is exhausting both emotionally and physically. But soon they are on the move, talking up a storm... stomping their feet at you... opening every door they can find.... it flies, my friends. I am so honored to have been the one to capture this time before it is gone.

Thank you, friends, for having me be there to capture this latest series of amazing for your growing family. To the new grandparents, this latest hat trick just might top the first. Or at least be a solid tie. Congratulations to all of you as you start this new chapter! I cannot wait to see what unfolds. And you know I'll be here to capture whatever comes next.

Kelly & Kevin's Coastal Wedding and Reception at Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine

Earlier today, I finally posted about Kelly & Kevin's gorgeous Maine Maritime Museum wedding being featured in the current issue of Real Maine Weddings. I've had this blog post recapping their day waiting in limbo since shortly after their August 2015 wedding as I awaited the official publication (a birdy told me to be on the lookout).

Here we are. Monthly later. And the time has come to look back on the gorgeous Saturday in August when these two love bird officially got hitched.

I first "met" Kelly & Kevin via a video conference, as I do with many of my couples planning from "away", just under a year before their wedding. For Kelly, their weddings plans were taking her home to the beautiful coast of Maine just outside of Bath. With an ode to the working waterfront, they were preparing for a perfect summer wedding ceremony and reception along the water at the Museum. The venue itself could not be more "Maine" and made for an incredibly historical venue to tie the knot. After they each prepared away from the Museum, they both made their way to their ceremony. I dare say that Kelly's trolley ride with her ladies was the perfect way to "go to the chapel"! You have to love all of the honks and cheers that come from passers by as soon as they see a bride on her wedding day!

To this day, their ceremony is fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday. Kelly and her dad made the long walk from Long Reach Hall down in front of the boulder on the Museum grounds to Kevin, who was waiting patiently along the water's edge for his bride to meet him. Kelly's dad was down right glowing with pride as he watched his daughter take her steps to being Kevin's wife. I've always been an emotional person, but it has certainly been more intense for me to see moments like this ever since I had my daughter. Yes, I was trying to hold back the tears. Once Kelly's dad took his seat next to her mom, the personal ceremony was filled with lots of laughter as the (about to be) newlyweds reflected upon what brought them to this day. And laughed even harder after a few mishaps with their rope tying ceremony. It was the perfect way for these two families to officially be joined together.

After a whirlwind portrait session with their families and bridal party on the Museum grounds, they started their celebrations with a bountiful cocktail hour overlooking the water in the shade of Long Reach Hall before heading inside for their reception. The catering was provided by Churchill Catered Events and highlighted many of the things most people love about Maine: seafood and blueberries! I dare say there were not any empty tummies by the end of the night with all of the amazing options before them. Kelly & Kevin danced well into the night with Kevin of Double Platinum Celebrations keeping the dance floor packed right up until the very end.

When the bell struck 11PM, they newlyweds rushed from the Museum under an arch of waving glow sticks as their family and friends sent them off to begin their new life together as husband & wife. It truly was a day that Alan and I will always remember!

Thank you to Kelly & Kevin for having us capture the story of their day, their parents for helping to plan such a timeless Maine wedding celebrations, and the Maine Maritime Museum for being the perfect spot to host all of their festivities. It really was so perfect!

Date: August 1, 2015
eremony & Reception Venue: Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine
Bridal Gown Boutique: Andrea's Bridal in Portland, Maine
Groom's Apparel: Men's Wearhouse
Bakery: The European Bakery Inc. in Falmouth, Maine
DJ: Double Platinum Celebrations DJ Service
Caterer: Churchill Catered Events in Portland, Maine
Florist: Emily Carter Floral Designs
Officiant: Rev. William Saunders

Published! Kelly & Kevin's Maine Maritime Museum Wedding in Real Maine Weddings January 2016 Edition

I just got back in to town after spending the Valentine's Day weekend visiting my family in New York City. Just in case you missed it, the temperatures were... well... SO COLD!

What better way to warm up than to think about warmer weather? Today those thoughts are bringing me back to Kelly & Kevin's gorgeous wedding on August 1st at the quintessential Maine wedding venue, the Maine Maritime Museum, in Bath that Alan & I shot together days before our own anniversary. I held off posting my official recap of their day (more on that later!) as I knew that it was going to be published. Low and behold, it is in the January 2016 edition of Real Maine Weddings as the featured wedding for the Bath region. I am so excited to see their day filling a spread in their magazine!

I'll be honest that Alan and I are trying to determine who shot the image of their ceremony on the left side of the spread. I love that we shoot so similarly that it is hard to distinguish between his images and mine!

Next time you are gazing at your local newsstand, be sure to check out the January 2016 edition on stands now! Or, better yet, head on over to their website and check out the virtual edition.

Thank you to Kelly & Kevin for having us tell the story of their day and to the amazing staff at the Maine Maritime Museum for providing such an incredible backdrop for their Maine wedding.

Published! Cairsten & James' Wedding Cake in Real Maine Weddings January 2016 Edition

For several years now, it has been my personal goal to see at least one of my couples grace the pages of a print publication. I see it as a milestone for my business, now 7-1/2 years young, to reach that level of recognition.

When I submitted several weddings for the January 2016 edition of Real Maine Weddings, I heard that one of them was accepted (more on that one later, I promise). But I did not know that Cairsten & Jimmy's amazing cake from Confection Art Inc in Kittery, Maine, was also going to grace its pages! Needless to say, I was quite literally jumping for joy earlier this year when I received my copy of the publication and saw their vintage nautical themed cake from their York Harbor Inn wedding filling the opening page of the "Maine Cakes" segment. I should also admit that I might have been salivating just a smidge as I vividly remember how decadent their cake smelled as I was photographing it.

If you can't find the January 2016 edition on news stands near you, head on over to check out the digital edition on the Real Maine Weddings website. Thank you to Confection Art Inc for creating such a masterpiece for me to photograph, to Cairsten (the birthday girl!) & Jimmy for having us capture their wedding, and to the fine folks at the York Harbor Inn for such an inspiring venue for their wedding. More importantly, thank you to the staff at Real Maine Weddings for helping me put a huge check next to my goal!

Kristan & Greg's Winter Wedding at Maine Irish Heritage Center and Grace in Portland, Maine (Part 2)

I know that many of you lovely beings have been waiting oh so patiently for Kristan & Greg's second half of their sneak peek. Without further ado, here is the continuation! (If you missed the first half, go check that out first!)

Kristan & Greg chose to hold their ceremony in the Maine Irish Heritage Center in the Old Port of Portland, Maine. I've been longing to photograph a wedding in the Center largely due to their gorgeous stained glass windows and gorgeous blue ceiling. It is such an expansive space (and with the sweetest caretaker)! Their ceremony was filled with personal touches from their dear friend performing the ceremony to their parents doing the readings. Before officially exchanging their rings, they did a ring warming ceremony with their bands traveling the length of each row of guests via a white ribbon. I love how it gives the couple an opportunity to really soak in the power of what is happening as well as to see all of their friends & family. With their rings warmed, they made it official and became Mr. & Mrs.! Following a quick round of portraits, it was off to their reception to start celebrating!

We made our way across the snow covered Old Port to the incredible Grace. If you have not been, it should certainly be on your list! Kristan & Greg's cocktail hour was held on the main floor of the restaurant, which features expansive stained glass windows and super tall ceilings thanks to it's former life as a church. Once they were ready to party, they moved downstairs with their guests to partake in a delicious plated dinner. One of the most popular "events" of the evening was their cake bar with a wide variety of cakes to chose from. Alan and I were drooling over many of the combinations (chocolate and peanut butter, hello!) as every guest struggled to chose which ones to add to their plate. I dare say it was the most consumed dessert option I've ever seen at a wedding! Cakes by Debbie in Windham always does such a great job for my couples!

After we all had a good cry during Kristan's dad's toast, cheered during Greg's dance with his mom, and celebrated the Patriots winning, Kristan & Greg took a step out to capture portraits in front of the well known red doors of the entrance to Grace. And it made for the perfect opportunity to snap my traditional selfie with the newlyweds at the end of their amazing day! I even got one with Jess & Aaron, whose wedding I photographed back in 2012! It is a funny tradition for sure, but I do love having a wall of selfies with so many of my couples over the past few years. 

Kristan & Greg, thank you so much for having us there with you for your winter wonderland of a wedding! It was absolutely our honor to capture the story of your day. I cannot wait to share your entire gallery with you in the next few weeks!

Kristan & Greg's Winter Wedding in Portland, Maine (Part 1)

Typically when I settled down to start posting the sneak peeks from a wedding, I instantly have a set of images that are my favorites from the day. But Kristan & Greg's timeless, elegant winter wedding this past weekend (during the storm on Saturday, of course) has left me speechless with so many photos that I want to share! So I'm going against my normal routine and have opted to break their day up into several posts so that you can enjoy the day as it came.

When Kristan first contacted me over a year in advance of their winter wedding, I knew that we were a match made in heaven as soon as she mentioned all of their friends that I have had the honor to work with over the years (and to come this year). When they booked me shortly there after, I really did jump for joy. Being involved in their planning since then and getting to know them more, especially during their engagement session in the Old Port, made me very excited for their day to finally arrive. As Alan, my amazing second shooter/assistant/husband, and I made our way through rain, sleet, hail, and snow the morning of their wedding, we were both giddy at how beautiful the fresh coat of snow was.

Kristan & Greg prepared for their wedding in at The Press Hotel, a newly opened boutique hotel in the former home of the Portland Press Herald. They first toured the building with hard hats on before it was opened to the public and I am so thrilled that they had the foresight to book it for their bridal preparations! Kristan got ready in the Penthouse Suite, which was an expansive room with magnificent ten foot high ceilings and sweeping views of the Old Port as the snow storm raged outside. Needless to say, a trip to the roof top deck proved difficult given the snow drifts the wind whipped up. Meanwhile, Greg got ready one floor below in a suite with his guys. The history of the building was not lost to them with a palette of timeless colors and elegant attire that would have been well suited in any era; classic elegance was certainly the plan for the day and they certainly pulled it off in spades.

The couple opted for a first look before departing for their ceremony at the Maine Irish Heritage Center. Tucked in the corner by large windows overlooking the snow swept streets below, Kristan & Greg shared a private moment and embrace with big smiles, a few giggles, and just maybe a quick kiss that broken the tension of the morning. We then visited the art gallery in The Press Hotel for a few quick portraits before Greg left for their ceremony and Kristan retreated to the Suite to be with her ladies.

The morning flew by, much like the snow outside. I dare say that Kristan & Greg did not have a storm in mind when they opted for a winter wedding, but the snow certainly added another layer to the excitement of the day.

Although difficult to chose my favorites, here is a selection of images from the first part of their incredible day.

Stay tuned to see more of Kristan & Greg's sneak peek! There is much more to come.

2016 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award Winner (7th year in a row)!


That was pretty much my reaction today when I found out I have received my 7th consecutive Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award. That is crazy!

When I first started this business of mine almost 8 years ago, I never envisioned that I would have served as many amazing couples since then. It has certainly been a huge whirlwind. This award means a lot to me as it recognizes vendors in the wedding industry who receive glowing reviews from their couples. In essence, it takes what I aim to do for every couple: provide heartfelt, personal service from first inquiry to their wedding and beyond. I am a photographer because I love being there for my couples as they prepare for their wedding and on the day of. My personal motto is "less stress" because I feel that it helps my couples relax and results in photographs that best reflect them and their story. It brings me great joy to read my couple's reviews on Wedding Wire as well as the Knot and Facebook. Yes, I strive to create amazing photographs for all of my clients. That is my first goal. Adding in the personalized experience and service is the cherry on top.

To all of my couples, especially if you posted a review for me on Wedding Wire: Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am a wedding photographer because I get to work with amazing people like you. Thank you for trusting me to be there with you on your wedding day and to tell the story of your day. I am so very grateful.

"The WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® recognizes the top five percent of local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, winners of the WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® are determined by recent reviews from over a million WeddingWire newlyweds."