Welcome to the world, Baby Darren!

Welcome to the world, Baby Darren!

I feel as though my relationship with Samantha & Ryan is like a chapter book. The prologue was in July of 2013 when I first met them for a cup of coffee in Sanford. Chapter 1 was in August of that year as we met up for their engagement portraits. Chapter 2 then happened in July of 2014 when we celebrated their nuptials at The Woodlands Club during the heat of summer. It was a few years later that we met up again and celebrated Jessica & Matt's wedding. Then Samantha & Ryan announced last year that they were pregnant and chapter four began!

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Ten Days New: Welcoming Baby X into the World

Ten Days New: Welcoming Baby X into the World

When you can trace your first photos of a couple back eight years to the very beginning of their relationship, you know it's going to be a special session for me. I am a sucker for nostalgia, of course. So it goes without saying that the first thing I did this evening in preparation for writing this post was to dig through my archives to find a photo of Chris & Jen from way, way back at John & Jenessa's wedding on Peaks Island in 2009. The very first one I found was nothing to write home about. And then I found this jem of the two of them, newly dating each other, attending his cousin's wedding. It is hard to think about the journey that they have taken over the years that led them to last weekend with their ten day old baby in their arms and, once again, in front of my camera.

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One week old Rowan's Newborn Portraits

My relationship with April & Dan has been growing for some time since they first came to me for their snowy engagement pictures. I remember that day as if it was yesterday: snow up past my knees, their outfits themed to go along with their wedding colors, and more laughter than I could sufficiently describe in words. Since then, I'd been blessed to capture their wedding, maternity portraits announcing their first pregnancy, and then their first son's portraits. When they decided to expand their family again, I swear I was one of the first ones to know. It was with that deep bond that I have been anxiously checking my phone for the past few weeks waiting to hear of Rowan's arrival. That message came shortly after he came into this world and I have been giddy with excitement for the past week waiting to meet him (and to see his brother again).

This morning I arrived at their home to welcome their newest arrival. James has become such a handsome little man since I first photographed him almost a year ago. And there, in a bundle, was his new little brother, Rowan. He was fast asleep without a care in the world. Seeing April & Dan in their early days as parents of two young boys brought a smile to my face. The entire time I was there, it was so very clear to me just how perfectly suited their are for each other and for this crazy life as parents to two young ones. They tackled every moment as a team. From using the dog dish as a splash table to hiccup induced messes to climbing on top of the toys... they were the most calm, cool, and collected parents I think I have ever seen. Being parents... this is what they were meant to be. And they were meant to do it together.

April & Dan, thank you so much for letting me into your life to capture so much of your story together. It makes me happier than I could ever tell you to see how you both have evolved over the years. James & Rowan are very lucky to have you both.

Here is a sneak peek at what I have in store for them in the days to come.

This feels like the clock just ticked back to 4 years ago.

This time four years ago. I was waddling around my hour waiting, anxiously, to have my daughter. Meanwhile, Danielle & Joe were preparing for their wedding on August 4th (the same date that Alan & I got married seven years earlier).

Flash forward.

Danielle reaches out to me as she was pacing, much like I was four years ago, awaiting their first child. Ever since then, I've been lingering by my phone looking for word that they had become parents at last. Last week, my phone buzzed. Danielle & Joe were officially parents!

This past weekend, I had the absolute blessing to meet their little one in their home and capturing the first chapter of their new life as a family of three (plus their pup, of course). She is already so very curious and checking out everything in the world around her. Lanky arms stretched out suddenly before retreating back to the comfort of her parents. Her eyes focusing on this odd little bump that seems so close and yet is so new (yes, her nose was quite an interesting site for a while no matter how hard it was to focus on). She already has her daddy wrapped tightly around her finger as was evident by his ability to sooth her during her crying fits. And Danielle... she has the glow of a new mother, so perfectly ready to bring her little lady up in this world. Danielle's smile whenever she looked at Joe holding her was infectious.

I am so completely honored when my couple's come back to me to continue their story after their wedding. Thank you, Danielle & Joe, for letting me meet your little lady. And for giving me my baby fix. She's so adorable!

10 day old baby girl newborn lifestyle portrait session in Maine

Three New Cousins: Newborn Lifestyle Portraits in Scarborough, Maine

I openly say that the biggest reason I am a wedding photographer is simply because of the amazing people I get to work with. Yes, photography is one of my many passions. But it is the customer service side of my business that drives me the most.

This session could be exhibit #1 to make that case.

I first photographed this family back in October of 2013 when Jenelle & Joe tied the knot at Kingsley Pines in Raymond, Maine. Jillian & Chris then got hitched in the Caribbean (I missed out on photographing that one!). And Jonna & David then completed the hat trick with their June 2014 in Poland, Maine. For you parents out there... yes.... I think most parents would freak out, to say the least. Three gorgeous daughters getting married within a few short months of each other.

Flash forward to the past few months. When you all get married so close together, it is a logical next step that they just might all become parents close together. Amazingly, that is just what happened!

When I got word that they wanted their "family photographer" (THAT'S ME!) to be there to capture a few lifestyle family portraits when they were all together here in Maine, I just about jumped in the air with joy. I have been anxiously hoping and praying that this day would come! And not just because I'm a sucker for the itty bitty next generation. But because I couldn't wait to see the entire family again! These are my people. Seriously. So very much love in my soul for this family.

I could have stayed with them all day and been more than happy. I love capturing this stage in the journey of life as I know first hand how fleeting it is. Although less than two weeks ago, I see photos of these new cousins on Facebook and I swear they have grown a ton already. This stage is exhausting both emotionally and physically. But soon they are on the move, talking up a storm... stomping their feet at you... opening every door they can find.... it flies, my friends. I am so honored to have been the one to capture this time before it is gone.

Thank you, friends, for having me be there to capture this latest series of amazing for your growing family. To the new grandparents, this latest hat trick just might top the first. Or at least be a solid tie. Congratulations to all of you as you start this new chapter! I cannot wait to see what unfolds. And you know I'll be here to capture whatever comes next.

Welcome to the world, baby James!

I'll come right out and say it. I love my clients. I love being a part of their lives and seeing them as they reach new milestones. I love to tell their stories.

And this past week was the start of one of my favorite chapters. I have known April & Dan for quite some time now. I captured their engagement portraits, then their wedding in 2014, followed by their maternity portraits last winter. This week, I photographed them together with their sweet baby boy. April & Dan are now parents! Seeing them over the past few years and watching them come to this point in time has been such a blessing. Being with them on Tuesday while I met baby James... this, my friends, is what they are meant to be. They are meant to be parents. And meant to be parents for sweet little James. You can just tell that they have been waiting their whole lives for this chapter. They are so patient, loving, kind, and communicative with each other. And oh my how they dote on little James.

I don't blame them! He is so perfectly adorable in every way. He has his mommy's eyes. The way he looks at his daddy is enough to make anyone melt. James even has the most incredible little dimples. I really could cuddle him all day long. Even when he cries.

April & Dan, I cannot even begin to tell you how much it means to me to capture your life story. Thank you so much for letting me cuddle your baby boy. He is one lucky little man to have the two of you to call his mum & dad. <3

Newborn cuddle session with Carly Lou

I am blessed. Yes, I am. Because I have incredibly awesome couples who turn in to friends. And then some of those friends have babies. And I get to cuddle them lots. It helps any smidge of baby rabies I might have to get my fix and then give them back for all the less than fun stuff.

Today I had the honor of cuddling three day old Carly Lou, the adorable munchkin of Trish & Rob who were married last year. She is such a little peanut and simply perfect in every way: her dark brown hair, wrinkly toes, stretched out fingers getting used to feeling this world, and her so sweet little smell. Yes, there is a lot to love about this little miss. And she is one lucky little lady to be a part of such an incredible family filled with lots and lots of love. I have already requested follow up snuggle time just so I can soak in her sweetness while she's still little. We all know that they grow up much to fast. Soon they turn in to three year olds that make you wish those sleepless nights of infancy were still here. (I may be talking a bit about my own munchkin who is currently asleep in the next room.)

Levi :: 11 Day Old Newborn Portraits in Windham, Maine

This post, like many more in the works, has been a long time coming. By now, little Levi isn't so little any more. But, back when John & Jenessa's family first went from a family of three to a family of four, I had the honor of snuggling their newborn baby boy. Levi was just eleven days old at the time. Looking at him, he has the face and the eyes of a wise man already. You can almost tell he has an old soul. As soon as he was in my arms it just took me right back to when my own daughter was born. How tiny we all start out as. His skin was all wrinkly and flakey. His breath was so innocent. His long fingers wrapping on to one of my own, so small they didn't go all the way around. *sigh* Newborns... <3

Here is a peek at what his mom & dad received from our shoot with them and his proud big sister.


Piper :: 2 Week Old Newborn Portraits

Amanda & Justin have become one of the most "famous" couples I have. First, they were married at the Mountain View Grand in 2010 under a sprinkle of rain that brought them a triple rainbow. Then we got together for their fall foliage trash the dress session that resulted in their dachshund, Peanut, being featured as Real Maine Wedding's Pup of the Week portrait. And a few weeks ago we wandered around the Old Port to capture their maternity portraits as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their baby girl, Piper. Needless to say, it has been so amazing and such an honor to be a part of their life together from the very beginning.

And it became even more special to me this past weekend as I met up with Amanda & Justin (and Peanut & Hemi) to welcome adorable little Piper in to the world (and get her in front of the camera for the first time). With two good looking, smart parents behind her, it is no wonder that Piper is already so smart and absolutely perfect. From her long, tiny toes to her delicate fingers reaching out to the world around her. From her whispy hair to her stunning blue eyes starring out the windows. Snuggling her made my baby rabies act up (but a bout with my own teething 9 month old put that in check).

Here is a sneak peek of what we captured during the new family's session. I cannot wait to watch this little lady grow up! Congratulations, Amanda & Justin (and Peanut & Hemi)!

Samuel :: 5 Day Old Newborn Portraits

In my last blog post, I shared Jess' maternity and family portraits as they awaited the arrival of the newest member of their family. Well, a couple weeks passed and they welcomed adorable Samuel, just in time for Christmas. I first snuggled lil' Sam, and got to congratulate his super lucky parents and proud big sister, at their home in Cape Elizabeth on a gloriously sunny day in December. Let me just say that Sam is already a heart breaker. I turned to a puddle as soon as I saw him. His adorable little wrinkly face and long, skinny fingers just reach out to be held. Love!

Here is a sneak peek of what I capture from Sam's Christmas themed newborn session. I can't wait to watch him grow and watch his adorable sister assume the older sibling roll in their new relationship. Congratulations, once again, to Jess and her whole family!


Charlotte :: 5 Day Old Baby Girl

This post is a bit delayed as Charlotte has now more than doubled in age, but I wanted to post it anyways. I first met Charlotte's mom way back in the day when we were both getting married. Both being educators and fond of the outdoors, we hit it off right away. So, needless to say, when her second child came along, I jumped at the chance to snuggle with her (and take her first formal pictures). With my own baby being more than 6 months old, petite Charlotte gave me flash backs to the itty bitty stage when sleeping and eating was just about how Bri spent her entire day. Oh how I miss that stage!

Not wanting to spoil all of the fun for Charlotte's lucky parents, I'll save the rest of her pictures for them. But I did want to share just this one shot we got of her with her own L.L. Bean boat tote.* I cannot wait to watch this little lady grow up (and capture her in photographs as it happens). Thank you to Charlotte's mommy & daddy for letting me snuggle with her! xoxo

*Please do not try this position on your own! I had Charlotte's mommy help me to ensure it was done safely.