The "P" Family Portraits in Waterboro, Maine

Nothing says “love” like time spent with family, right? Surround grandparents with all of their kids and grandkids and you can practically see it radiating around them. Spending the day with the “P” family last fall was the perfect example of that. In fact, they expanded their circle a bit more that day and invited my own family to join in the fun and Alan and Bri came along. We blended together a lifestyle meets traditional portraiture session so that we captured the formal photos that they wanted to hang on the walls as well as photos of all of the kids, well, being kids. As they grow, you’ll lose track of when they used to fit perfectly on your shoulders. When jumping up and down in the back of the truck was all it took to make them smile. Or when Grandpa would pull out a box of nuts and bolts which would make all of the kids flock to put them all together. And the littlest one of the family has just turned nine months old. The clothes she fit in to are a distant memory as she’s grown so much. These moments are fleeting. And I am so glad we got to capture some of them on camera.

Plus I got some baby cuddle time while we were at it. And you know how happy that makes me.

Thank you to the “P” family for incorporating us into another one of the chapters in their family’s history. We love you guys!