Jacinta & Jim's Union Bluff Meeting House Wedding in York, Maine

They say that good things come to those who wait. Sometimes the journey during the waiting is hard and uncertain. Sometimes it's sunshine and rainbows. For Jacinta & Jim, their wedding day was a testament to their relationship being built upon a foundation that will last them for a long time to come. It was not always an easy road based on my conversations with them as well as the toasts given by their friends & family at their wedding. Yet, as the saying goes, good things really do come to those who wait. And oh my goodness are Jacinta & Jim deserving of all the good that their union is bringing to them.

Jacinta and I hit it off right away when she contacted me back in February. As she told me about their vision for their day and what they were looking for from me, I knew immediately that we'd be well matched when she said they were looking for "quirky and funny pic's ...but at the same time extremely real." My friend, I dare say she described me to a T. And when you wedding is filled with so much laughter and lots of joy (not to mention children hyped up on sugar and excitement) combined with my love for the real... match made in photography heaven.

So there was no way that we were going to let the rainy that plagued their wedding day stand between them and the wedding they so much deserved. A burst of rain passed over as their ceremony was about to begin so we waited it out and the chairs were dried off. Then Jacinta was about to walk down the aisle and a car alarm (or was it a fire alarm?) started blaring. By the time the ceremony kicked off, we were all so excited to see Jacinta coming down the aisle that there were certainly cheers of joy. And with how absolutely amazing she looked? There were many dropped jaws as well because she was the vision of a classic, romantic bride about to marry her long awaited prince who was waiting at the end of the aisle for her. Petals were tossed, a few tears were shed, and Jacinta & Jim were married at last!

With the waves crashing behind them, we captured their formal portraits beneath a cloud filled sky with umbrellas nearby so as to not give Mother Nature the upper hand. And the same can be said as the newlyweds and I adventured around York village for a few portraits enjoying the quietness of the town after the tourist have left and when the weather is keeping everyone else indoors. We capped off their well planned day of celebrations with a fantastic meal of lobsters and a mashed potato bar (YES, REALLY!) to name a few of the stations awaiting their guests before they filled the dance floor. From hilarious toasts to a dear friend drumming for much of the reception to the laughter of their daughters dancing their sugar highs away... it really was an incredible day. And it was definitely worth the wait.

Jacinta & Jim, thank you so much for trusting me with your incredible day. It was such a honor! I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon (I'm so jealous)!

Here is a sneak peek of what is in store for the newlyweds once their full gallery is released. It was certainly hard to pick my favorites!