The "E" Family :: Portraits at Family Home in Downeast, Maine

I just have to get it out there. I hit the jackpot when I married my husband because I have one very massive, awesome pile of people I now can proudly say I'm related to. Even if it is by marriage. Coming from a pretty tiny family, this is a pretty awesome perk. I've shot photos of the "E" family for a while now and this summer was no exception. We got together at their grandparent's home on a gorgeous lake in Downeast, Maine, to take some family portraits (minus dad) while they were on vacation. I am always amazed at just how much the kids grow each time I see them. It's become even more fun now that I have Bri since she comes along for sessions with my relatives. (And Digby did, too.)

Here are some sneak peek shots from our time together at the lake. It was such a gorgeous day and feels so long ago now. Snow will be flying before we know it at this rate and the lake will start to freeze. At least we'll have these photos to look at to warm us up!

Family Portraits in Downeast, Maine

Abbey & Steve :: Lakeside Wedding in Vassalboro, Maine

I am not even sure where I could start to describe Abbey & Steve's picture perfect August 13th wedding on a lake in Vassalboro, Maine. The soiree was held at Abbey's parent's perfectly manicured home on one of the most gorgeous days of the entire summer. All of the details of the day were classic, shabby chic. From their adorable "I Do. We Did." sign directing their guests to the adorable garden-inspired details were incredible.

While the men were putting together their last few details at the ceremony location, Abbey was nearby in another home getting ready with all of her girls and her incredible Mom. Her dress was absolutely stunning and so perfect for their entire day. Abbey's two sisters (and maid/matron of honor) were by her side the entire time to make sure every detail was taken care of.
Abbey and her ladies arrived at the ceremony via a secret boat ride from around the point. It definitely elicited many gasps and rounds of applause. It was definitely an attention getter!

Since Abbey works in a court house, it made finding someone to make it official quite easy to do! Joyce performed an incredible ceremony that was filled with lots of details of Abbey & Steve. They beautiful ceremony music was provided by friend's of Abbey's family.

The Newlyweds danced their first dance together to "You and I" from Ingrid Michaelson. It certainly made for a lot of smiles from everyone there and amazing moments between the two of them. It was an amazing start to a rockin' party!

The heartfelt toast by Abbey's sister's left many guests in tears (and maybe me, too). Steve's best men certainly did their part in telling stories of his fabled past. All of the toasts were such a great tribute to the two of them!

The details of the entire day were absolutely incredible! It certainly had a touch of "Martha Stewart" to it.

Abbey was fortunate to have several of her girlfriend's from high school in attendance (along with their future kiddos). Talk about some lovely ladies!
Abbey & Steve both have very, very proud parents. And rightfully so! They are so amazing!

Jim from Premier Entertainment, as always, had the dance floor absolutely packed from start to finish. I don't think that calling is an awesome party is even remotely close to living up to the actual day. It was down right perfect!

Abbey & Steve capped off the night with a fireworks display, which was launched from where they tied the knot. It certainly kept everyone's heads tilted to the sky and elicited many "Oooo"s and "Ahhhhh"s. Before starting the dance floor back up, their guests lined up with sparklers for a proper entrance back in to the tent.

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Abbey & Steve, I hope that your marriage is just as incredible as the day that it all started. You are two amazing individuals with tons of super supportive family and friends. Congratulations!