Footbridge Beach

Brittany & Dan :: Trashing the Dress in Portsmouth and Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit

Oh, Brittany and Dan. How I love thee! These two love birds were married back in June during an especially gorgeous (aka warm) early summer day. With grand plans for a first look in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we were all super excited to get lots of yummy portraits of the two of them before they tied to knot. But, as luck had it, there was not only a wedding set up where the "meeting spot" was supposed to be and the park was filled with Chowder Fest people! Obviously, our plans were dashed.

Not wanting to miss out, we got together again after the wedding and honeymoon to capture photos in those beloved locations much like we had envisioned for a couple months prior (minus Brittany's longer hair thanks to the post marriage chop, which I loved!). Here is a sneak peek of the magic that we caught during our session together. I love these two super bunches! I dare say you can just feel how in love they are. Ahhh.... *happy sigh*

The bridge shot below was one of our "really want to take" shots for our time together. Unfortunately, the bridge was closed and it was VERY clear there would be no walking on the bridge deck itself. However, never underestimate the power of a white dress and a really determined photographer. And a construction guy who wasn't afraid to get yelled at my his boss for letting us jump the barricades. :-)

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Samantha & Adam :: Wedding on Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, Maine

On May 30th I had the pleasure of capturing Samantha & Adam tie the knot in a sunset ceremony held on a beach. It was emotional, intimate, and definitely demonstrated their deep love for each other as well as their families. Although this video was original posted on my facebook page, I wanted to post it here to share with any of you that have not become a fan of my page (yet). Enjoy!

Link to Video