Feeling like spring

For those of us who live in Maine, or northern New England in general, the past two days have been a tease of Spring from Mother Nature. Today's temperatures were rumored to be up in to the 60s. Teenagers were running around in shorts and flip flops. Any snow that was clinging to shingles was melting before our very eyes and pouring off of roofs. With this being the last Thursday before we "Spring forward" on Sunday, many are praying that the warmth is here to stay. To take advantage the sunshine while we had it, my furry "son" and I lounged on the back deck of our home today. Yay for vitamin D! While we were relaxing, I also broke out my camera to snap some shots of him since he made a trip to the groomer yesterday and is looking very dapper, if I do say so myself.


I hope that you got a chance to enjoy the sunshine and warmth today! As much as I love winter, I'd prefer to either have enough snow to enjoy it or no snow at all. Given that this winter has felt a bit lack luster in the snow department, I am ready for Spring!