52 in 2017

"(Almost) Ten Years Worn Bling" (Week 11/52)

Our wedding rings. Almost ten years of wearing them and they are a bit rough around the edges from living life. Yet there we were on Saturday night. Flashes out. Camera on the tripod. Playing around with different lighting set ups as we get our game faces on for our 2017 wedding season. The rings might not be as new and shiny as those we'll get to photograph this summer. But they are ours. Every scratch, nick, and scuff. I wouldn't have it any other way.


"What was mine becomes yours." (Week 10/52)

The archaeological dig through boxes from our childhoods always bring up memories from our past. And lots of (likely dust covered) treasures for the next generation. The most popular one as of late is this tiny, travel Spirograph that uses post-it notes instead of full sheets of paper. As they say, they just don't make them like they used to.


"The sunlight deceives you." (Week 9/52)

This week's photo is posted 15 days after it was taken, but thank goodness for backdating. The first weekend of March featured some of the coldest temperatures that we have had this winter. The sunlight made it look far warmer than it actually was. What made perceived warmth all that much crueler was that I spent the weekend earning my wilderness first aid (WFA) card from Stonehearth Opening Learning Opportunities (SOLO) at the University of Maine 4-H Camp and Learning Center at Bryant Pond. Taking off my coat off indoors became optional as I worked as hard as I could to stay warm as we walked around campus and learned through simulated emergency events that we might encounter. It was an incredible weekend of learning, but one that certainly took me a while to recover from in every way.

Bryant Pond Greenwood Maine photographer

"Take a little walk with me" (Week 7/52)

One of the things we love about living where we do, out in "the sticks", is looking out into our woods. With just shy of three acres, we're often fortunate to see deer and fox tromping around in these woods. And it has become our daughter's wandering area as she grows. Breaking trail for her and our pup to explore is one of my (many) job titles in the winter. (Many thanks to the tree branch that held my camera for me as I ran off to beat the self timer.)

Snowshoeing with photographer in Standish Maine

"Doe, a deer, a buck." (Week 5/52)

Sometimes I wish that we lived closer to the "big city" so I wouldn't have to drive so far to get everywhere. And then days like yesterday happen. I was out wandering around our corner of the universe for over an hour patiently waiting for one of the deer herds to come out at dusk like they have been lately. Once they did, I lost count of them once I made it to twenty including at least two bucks. They never did migrate to the field that I was hoping to catch them in and thus the majority of my photos have the fence from the farm between me and them. But you can bet I'm hoping to be back there again tonight.

Deer gathered at sunset in Standish, Maine

Deer gathered at sunset in Standish, Maine

"Disassembling our past." (Week 3/52)

I asked my daughter to help me take apart the glider that I was given by my husband the Christmas before she was born. I'm a sentimental sap, so I just might have had to choke back a few tears knowing we'll never rock together in the glider again. It went to a new home the next day.

Standish Maine family portraits

P.S. The glider's new home is with my amazing clients, Michelle & Jory. The full sneak peek blog post of their maternity session is coming your way tomorrow. Knowing the little one that will soon be rocked in this chair warms my heart.

"a horse is a horse, of course, of course" (Week 1/52)

"a horse is a horse, of course, of course" (Week 1/52)

Ah, the new year. The time of year when everyone is running around determined to accomplish a load of different tasks. Call them resolutions, to do lists, dreams... whatever they are, I do find a new sense of optimism at the start of each year. Perhaps it is the flip of those last few number when I write out the year that do it. Or maybe it's starting the date with two 1s that does it. Yet here we are. A chance to start a new.

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