Seeking out the Green of Spring

It is hard to believe that Spring 2016 has officially come to Maine when I look out the window and see the fresh blanket of that lovely white stuff out there. We battled a true winter with everything looking mostly dead and not at all pretty. Yet today Mother Nature changed her mind and threw us a curve ball.

Before the white stuff started falling, I wanted to take a walk around my yard yesterday to check out how the plants were doing. The little boxwood I planted last summer is starting to show bright green spurts signaling their new growth. The plethora of paper white bulbs in my front flower bed are peeking up from the mulch. I bet they got a rude awakening today being covered in cold again! And then there is our flowering pear tree. We bought it 8-1/2 years ago as a clearance purchase for next to nothing during our first married fall and first fall in our new house. It's subsequently grown several times its original height as if a monument to all the years we've been married. The fuzzy buds are still tightly wrapped and have not started to burst open yet.

How does the world look outside your window today? Are you thinking spring? Or are you suddenly hearing holiday music in your head again?