Katie & TJ's Ocean Gateway Wedding in Portland, Maine

This post has been waiting in the wings ever so patiently since Katie & TJ's perfect summer wedding last weekend. Truthfully, I have been looking forward to it for just about a year since I first met Katie & TJ over a brew at Some Brewing in York. A couple who travels to Maine on a week day to chat about their wedding over a beer... well, it's obvious why I've been so excited!

Leading up to the day, I met Katie & TJ for their engagement photos along the waterfront of Portland, next to the Ocean Gateway where they would celebrate their nuptials. One of the benefits of being the photographer is that couples will often let you in on their little secrets and surprises they have in the works. And Katie & TJ were no exception. From their cruise ship portrait bigger than life cardboard cutouts to their special guest at their reception... I knew their wedding was going to be so personal and the perfect way for them to celebrate.

They started their day getting ready at the Hilton Garden Inn Airport with many of their family and friends staying in the rooms around them; Katie on the third floor while TJ was on the second. Katie has to be one of the calmest brides I have ever worked with. When Alan and I knocked on her room door, we were ready for the typical hustle and bustle of everyone running around like crazy. Yet, she and her seven bridesmaids were just about ready, minus their dresses, to head out the door. And there was at least an hour to spare! Talk about a well planned day. Meanwhile, downstairs, TJ was getting ready with his crew. The highlight? Tom Brady socks. Yes, TJ wore Tom Brady socks!

From there, the soon to be newlyweds made their way via trolley to the gorgeous Williston-Immanuel United Church on High Street in Portland. I have to say that I have traveled past it more times than I can count, yet I never really looked at it or had seen inside. From the court yard to the ornate portico to the classic stained glass windows... it is just stunning. Their personal ceremony was, too. The light shining through the windows and door glistening off of Katie's dress, the fans gently billowing her veil, and the gigantic smile that radiated across TJ's face.

After their portraits in the portico and newlywed shots around the Ocean Gateway, it was time to get the party underway. I'll cut right to the chase. I'm pretty sure that their guests will be talking about one particular moment for eternity. Katie's dad is a die hard Elvis fan. When you are characters like they are, you decide to bring in an impersonator and make your dad's dreams a reality. Katie & her dad took to the dance floor for their traditional dance. Yet there was a hold up... a delay. And then in walked "Elvis" with the blue suit and big shades. Dad's jaw dropped and the crowd erupted into cheers. "Elvis" sang their song to dance together. But the talk of the night was when "Elvis" traded places with Katie. Yes, "Elvis" danced with Katie's dad. It was a moment that none of us will soon forget.

Yet the entire day was just that. A wedding that will last for years in everyone's memory for so many reasons. And Alan & I are so thankful that we were there to capture it all.

Katie & TJ, thank you so much for choosing us to be there with you both. It was such an honor!