The "O" Family Portraits in North Yarmouth, ME

Here I am anxiously watching the weather forecast for tomorrow to see if schools are going to be stuck with another day tacked onto the end of the year. What I would much rather be doing is going back to last fall when I spent the afternoon with the “O” family. Yes, the weather was absolutely PERFECT, but there are so many other reasons why it was the perfect afternoon. Abbey and Matthew were first in front of my camera way back in the early days of my business for their engagement portraits and subsequent wedding in 2011. As soon as I saw Abbey’s name come across my email, I instantly flashed back to their late September nuptials at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and reception at Ri-Ra. Although I knew it had been a number of years, my jaw dropped when I saw just how long it had been because I swear it feels like yesterday!

That leads me to the next point of perfection about that afternoon: Abbey & Matthew had a little one joining them this time! Nothing makes me happier than working with my past couples as they start their own families. It’s such a fun way to reconnect and see what they have been up to since they walked down the aisle. The bonus of the session was meeting their first “baby”, slobbery tennis ball and all. I had such a great time exploring the Chandler Brook Preserve in North Yarmouth with them and catching up on the last 7 years.

Abbey & Matthew, thank you SO MUCH for reconnecting and having me capture portraits of your adorable family. I had such a blast!