Stephanie's Maternity Portraits in Foggy Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Today marks one year since I met Stephanie & Mike on a super foggy beach in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, for Stephanie's maternity portraits as they prepared for their little one's arrival. It's hard to believe how fast the past year has flown by yet their portraits stick in my mind. Very few people look for a beach portrait session and have a strong desire for fog and Stephanie & Mike were no different. But I was instantly excited as it meant that the beach was practically empty or at least the fog hid anyone else that was there at the same time. The mist made it cooler out and led to an air of mystery. Add in Stephanie's blue dress and it was a recipe for amazement.

Thank you to Stephanie & Mike for having me capture this special time in your life. I hope that your little ones arrival was smooth and that the past year has been better than you could have dreamed. They grow up much too fast.