Don't blink. The years fly by. Miss M's 2 year old portraits.

If you are anything like me, the fact that the past month went by so fast and it is now 2017 is absolutely astonishing. With my 4 year old daughter, life around the holidays has reached a new level of insanity with weekends absolutely jam packed with gatherings, celebrations, and trips to the Nutcracker. So it goes without saying that this post was a long time coming. (It also involved holiday gifts, so I wanted to wait a bit regardless.)

I first met Miss M over two years ago when she was just twelve days old. I walked into her parent's home in Gorham and instantly melted. She was such a tiny cutie that I could have spent the entire day just watching her sleep. She was adorable!

Gorham Maine newborn portraits

Flash forward to last fall. Her mum & dad reached out to me to capture a set of special portraits for the grandparents of their (still adorable) two year old Miss M. Walking up to the door this time, there was a tiny coupe toy car and other toys in the yard. Just in case I didn't realize that she'd be much bigger now, that really drove (pun intended) the point home. Knocking on the door and seeing the curly headed two year old staring into my eyes.... *sigh* Yes. Still adorable. What came of the next few hours was a ton of laughter, stories of how Miss M has grown in the past year, inquisitive looks at big camera.... and tickling. Yes, Miss M and I had some tickle time. And it was hilarious. To think how much she has grown and changed in the past two years blows my mind. She slept through most of our time together the last time. And now she's giving us all a run for our money. Bare feet and all.

Miss M (and her parents), thank you for letting me hang out with you guys and capture these special moments for you. I loved every moment. ♥

Gorham Maine family portraits