Furry Friend Fridays with Digby

It's Friday at long last. Sometimes it feels like it would never come. Yet here it is! I think the same can be said about Spring here in Maine at this point. We're just still waiting for it.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love our furry friends. What better way to wrap up the week than my showing them off? This week's furry friend is my own Mr. Digby. He's super scruffy right now and desperately needs a trip to the groomer. But he is my little old man. A terrier mix that we rescued from Arkansas when he was just a pup. Now he's just over eight years old and is regularly greeted with the hugs and kisses of our daughter (sometimes a bit too tight). He loves walks and hiking and gets really excited with his tongue hanging out and tail wagging tons about a mile into either. His tummy alarm goes off at 4PM every day even though he knows he won't get fed until after 5PM. And he loves being tucked in at night in his bed.

He is my Digby. My first "kid". I love my little old man.