The Quiet of the Winter

It’s been quiet around here. You might be thinking, perhaps, too quiet. Alas, I am still here. Lurking in the shadows. Taking deep breaths. Enjoying time with my growing up much too fast daughter. And recharging a bit before the first wedding of 2019 next month (yes, a winter wedding!). I have also been out taking photos for myself since my 2018 holiday card went unsent since we could not make our own family photo happen (which sounds like a classic case of the shoe cobbler’s children having no shoes).

With 2019 well under way and my last wedding of 2018 sent off to the newlyweds, I plan to start getting you caught up on the past few months. There are lots of “sneak peeks” from long ago finished sessions, not to mention that last wedding from 2018, waiting in the wings for you to peruse. In the meantime, here is a look at what winter has looked like around my house thus far.

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