First Snow of the Winter

I'm a bit delayed in actually posting these images, but that's what happens when you prioritize your clients' images over your own. This past week, we experienced the first snow fall of the 2017-18 winter. And, despite having seen the first snow for many years now, I still couldn't help but take a walk around my yard with my snow loving dog to capture some of our world as it started to turn white. Truth be told, not much of this snow is left at this point (and likely even less than there was yesterday thanks to the rain). But there certainly is something serene about watching the seasons change like we get to do here in Maine. Winter is my recharge time. An opportunity to get everything done that I wanted to do when I was too busy. Time to work on the areas I want to improve on for both my professional and personal life. Winter is therapeutic. So, yes, I was just as excited as my daughter as I watched the flakes fall. Bring it on winter. I'm ready for you.