Amber & Bryant's Rustic Maine Wedding at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough

As often happens this time of year, this "sneak peek" isn't much of a sneak any more as Amber & Bryant received their complete gallery weeks ago when they were on their honeymoon! Yet here I am. Thinking back on their glorious wedding at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough, Maine. To be honest, I have been hoping to have the opportunity to capture a wedding there, so it is no understatement that I was looking forward to their day ever since Amber first contacted me.

Thinking back to their wedding on September 17th, it really does feel like a surreal dream. The weather was exactly how you envision it to be like for late summer: not too hot, a slight breeze, light blue sky, and a few wispy white clouds. Amber and her ladies attended to a few last minute details, like folding napkins, before hiding away in the farmhouse for lunch and a bit of relaxing before the formal festivities kicked off. Meanwhile, the guys enjoyed a selection of local brews in their side of the house and at a picnic table under a huge, old tree. The vibe was much like the two of them. Lots of smiles and laughter with a good amount of chill and relax. It was so obvious to me as I was going back and forth between the two groups that Amber & Bryant really were well matched for each other.

Their ceremony was held in the old barn with antique windows and gorgeous flowers from Broadturn Farm hanging behind them. The sunlight was streaming in through the open door as they said their vows before the breaking of the glass. The cheers and smiles from all of their loved ones as Bryant stomped his foot down upon the bottle must have been heard for miles. So much love and happiness emanated from the barn that day!

With the formalities taken care of, the newlyweds and their family and friends gathered beneath the tent for what must have been my all time favorite wedding meal of the summer from The Bread and Butter Catering Company. I'm still trying to figure out how they cooked the salmon and the smores late that night? Oh. My. Goodness. I will never be able to eat another regular smore in my life without comparing it to their homemade deliciousness. Ok, and now I'm drooling.

The evening was capped off with a roaring party back in the barn with DJ Jodi entertaining the masses. I was more than a little excited to hear some Simon & Garfunkel mixed in to the play list along with many other tunes that kept our ears tuned in to hear just what was next. I loved that the playlist was so different from the typical mix. It even made me want to mix it up a bit on the dance floor!

The end of the night came much quicker than any of us wanted, of course, and the newlyweds were off to continue their celebrating in Portland before heading off for their honeymoon. As much as I was thrilled to capture the story of their wedding day, I would have LOVED to be stuffed in their luggage as they adventured around Ireland. What a way to start the next chapter of your life together!

Amber & Bryant (and your family), thank you immensely for having me there with you on your wedding day. It was such an honor! Many hugs to you both and all of your family. I had a blast!