"a horse is a horse, of course, of course" (Week 1/52)

Ah, the new year. The time of year when everyone is running around determined to accomplish a load of different tasks. Call them resolutions, to do lists, dreams... whatever they are, I do find a new sense of optimism at the start of each year. Perhaps it is the flip of those last few number when I write out the year that do it. Or maybe it's starting the date with two 1s that does it. Yet here we are. A chance to start a new.

Since I started my professional photography career back in 2008, I have aimed to be very involved in the photography community from helping my peers to learning from them to simply spending time with like minded awesome folks. In that circle, there are a number of us that are aiming to do more personal work this year. That means taking photos of our daily lives. What is important to us. What we are experiencing. Whatever we want. With my daughter about to turn five and head off to school this fall (WHAT?!?) I certainly wanted to join in.

So that brings me to this post. I am planning to post a photo a week here so that I can hold myself accountable. Sometimes I might share the story behind the photo. Other times I might not. We'll see where it takes me. But it will always be a photo that I took during that week in the calendar year.

Standish Maine photographer