What month did/will you get married in?

It likely comes as no surprise to those of you who know me well, but I really like data for some reason. I have never been a math wiz and I struggled, to say the least, with computer science during my undergraduate degree, but there is something about thinking my way through formulas and reports to get the information I'm looking for that is just plain old fun! Yes, I am a bit of a nerd.

I actually have a spreadsheet that I have to keep track of every wedding I've ever photographed. Names (obviously), date, ceremony location, reception location, and even the number of shots I took versus what I kept and how many gigabytes the folder of their final images was. Yes, nerd, I know. But it does come in handy! As I anxiously await the start of my 2015 wedding season next month (YAY!), I was wondering what month was my most popular month for weddings since I started back in 2008.

Low and behold, a few quick key stokes gave me the answer! Based on my past and future wedding couples, August has proven to be the most popular month for couples to book me. I always thought that September or October would be at the top. As an August bride myself, I certainly understand its appeal though with the potential for cooler temperatures than July (especially later in August), the advantage of not juggling it around school schedules... the list goes on. Good choice, my dear couples!

I also found it interesting that I have yet to photograph a wedding in February or March! So, if you know someone getting married in either of those months in 2016, please send them my way and I'll work out a deal for them. I love winter weddings and it would be fun to have those months actually rank on my nice little graph.

What month did/will you get married in? What influenced your decision to pick it?