The "M" Family :: Children Portraits in Bar Harbor, Maine

I've been a ton behind on my blog posts this fall. I have all of the photos ready to go. I just needed to have a moment to sit down and reflect. It's never something I like to rush, you know? So I'm hoping to start getting these shots out there to be enjoyed by the masses and not just my "Draft" box for my blog.

I met up with the "M" family for a super impromptu session of their girls while I was on vacation with my own family in Bar Harbor. Truth be told, my husband is, in a round about way, related to this awesome foursome and we've seen each other a fair amount over the years. They wound up staying in the same campground as us and even a few sites down. When the girls' mom proclaimed that she had to get pictures done of the girls by me, I piped right up and said "What are you doing tonight?" I had my gear for a wedding I was shooting that weekend, so it was an easy option. So down to the beach we went!

I had an awesome time with these two incredible ladies as we explored the coastline while the tide was out. Getting them in to one frame together took a miracle, but it all paid off with some really fun photos of the two of them together. I cannot get over how fast they are growing up! I think the highlight of the session was towards the end when the ladies invited themselves to dig clams with one of the nicest clammers I've ever met. They jumped right in what he was doing and he took the time to explain it all to them and they even tried to help. You, sir, are awesome!

Here are some sneak peek shots from our session. I saved my favorites for the illustrious holiday cards, but these ones are still pretty awesome in my book.