A Belated Goodbye to my Sister

It has been a couple weeks, but I still felt that it was appropriate to give my baby sister a proper "blog" send off. Being three years apart in age, we've always been tied together through thick and thin. We went to boarding school together and then eventually followed each other through our Bachelor's degrees at the same University. We even lived in the same town for a while, her in her apartment and me with my husband in our house a few miles away. Saying we are close is an understatement. My husband never had to worry about my father when we were dating. He had to worry about my sister.

So you can only imagine my reaction when her plan for after graduating from graduate school became to go to a far away land for at least a year to teach English. Heartbreak would be putting it lightly. But she went at the end of July. Before leaving on a jet plane, our mother had just one last request for some family photos. My mother does not ask for anything. Ever. So, with my tripod in hand and a well trained assistant (my husband), we snapped a portraits at my childhood home. This is a tiny look at what came from the session.

To my sister: I miss you more than I could ever begin to tell you. The next eleven months, fifteen days, four hours.... could not go by fast enough. I can't wait until you come home again.