Carrie & Marvin :: Wedding in Wardsboro, Vermont

Carrie and Marvin were married on July 9th in Marvin's hometown of Wardsboro, Vermont, on the third anniversary of their first date. I have known Carrie for many, many years since we were in high school together and her warm heart and generosity draws everyone to her. That includes Marvin and his son. Together, the three of them form the perfect family filled with tons of love. The entire day was absolutely perfect from their marriage in their family church, the First Congregational Church in Wardsboro, to the family focused reception at the Wardsboro Town Hall.

Congratulations to Carrie and Marvin (and their son)! I hope that the next three years are as good to you as the past three years have been. I am absolutely honored to have played a roll in the day. Next up is our reunion, right Carrie? My how far we've come!

Keep your eyes open for more photos from their day on my Facebook page for even more photos from their sneak peek.